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Possible UTI/Blockage/AKA What is wrong with him?

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Hi all, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice as to what to do with my cat, Toby.

He's almost 4yrs. old, neutered, and has never had any urinary tract issues. He eats a mixture of Chicken Soup and Eagle Pack (the chicken & rice flavor), dry in the morning, wet at night.

On Thursday (the 12th), I noticed him going in and out of his litter box, trying to pee, but only a tiny bit, if any was coming out. So he went to the vet that day, and they tried to get a urine sample, but his bladder was too empty. Vet said there was no evidence of blood, and if he was getting some urine out, that he most likely wasn't blocked. So his put him on Clavamox for a possible UTI, and also suggested I start him on Cosequin (which I had at the house already). So Thursday night he started the Clavamox/Cosequin, and I was assuming after a day or so on that, he'd be almost back to normal.

Yesterday he was still going in and out, not peeing hardly at all, and just flinging litter EVERYWHERE. Called the vet again, he said we could put him on a low dose of valium to try to relax everything. Picked that up, started it yesterday afternoon, and today he is still doing the same stuff.
I don't think he's been in and out of the box as much today, which I guess is good, but he's still not producing much pee, just enough to form dime size clumps in the litter.

So should I take him back to the vet tomorrow? He's eating, drinking, and acting pretty much normal. He just seems a little agitated.

Any suggestions would be great.
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Yes, I would take him back to the vet. If you're willing to leave him at the vet's office for a while it may be possible to get a urine sample. If there is bacteria present the vet can determine what type it is and whether Clavamox is the appropriate antibiotic.

It sounds as though he is still having trouble peeing. It does take a few days for the Clavamox to work but based on personal experience with my cats he should be showing some improvement by now.

Is he eating wet or dry food? Moisture is extremely important for cats as it encourages urination and helps prevent bacterial infections or crystals. Make sure he's getting plenty of moisture either in his food or by drinking water.

Good luck to you and Toby. I hope he is feeling better soon.
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Oh, forgot to add that, he gets wet food (Eagle Pack) at night.
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Is he any better today?

I'd go back to the vet. Maybe an anti-spasmodic would help him pee.

That's what the vet gave us for Munchie, and it helped....before he was going in/out of the box trying to pee and getting nothing...then the red pee! He had to be catheterized at one point and was on Rx wet & dry food for a while. Luckily, he's back to normal now: whew
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Yes, he seems much better today.

Hopefully he'll continue to improve now!
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if he has struvite crystals, Dr. Belfield's, Carpon has worked well for me.
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