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I got stung by wasps (again)

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I posted last summer sometime about being stung several times by wasps (they went up my shorts legs!!).

Well yesterday I was working at a clients house removed some mulch around a tree and some shrubs. The homeowner left to take his dog (the one that doesn't like me) for a walk and his wife was gone.

I thought first it was deerflies buzzing around my head so I stood up (I was under a tree) and backed into the yard. I then was waving my hands around by head when I heard that familiar buzzing in my ponytail. Yikes!!

I knew it was wasp(s) as one (or more) went down the back of my shirt and stung me on my shoulder and I got stung (I don't know how many times) on my right ear. I went to the truck and grabbed and antihistamine and went into the house and took that and grabbed some ice for my ice.

The homeowner still wasn't back-I looked to see how this happened and I found a paper wasp nest in the crab apple tree. It was a good eight inches!! I called my dad to see what he thought we could do as he was a beekeeper for many years and dealt with swarms. But since I don't have a beekkeeper's hat with the netting I didn't do anything.

When the homeowner came back I told him what happened. I made him look down the back of my shirt( good thing this isn't a new client)to make sure there wasn't any wasps!! He said there was a paper wasp nest in the tree a couple of years ago and he had it removed.

The antihistamines took effect which was good as my ear really swelled up and was beet red!!

I told my client I need hazard pay!!!
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Gail, I think we need to start sending you protective vibes. You attract more misfortunes. I hope you're feeling ok
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OOooo! I HATE wasps (and bees!). I hope you recover well from those stings! Take care of yourself!
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Ouch'o!!! I have been forunate enough my lentire life that I have never been stung.

Many many *feel better* vibes heading your way!!
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Oh ouch ouch ouch! I hope your feeling ok now! That has got to be sooo incredibly painful!!!

DH and I just discovered we have 2 wasp nests in the vent for our stove! I'm thinking we ought to let a professional handle those! A few years back my parent's finally got rid of a nest that had been in the highest eve of their house for a few years. (They had actually gotten all the way to the drywall in their bedroom's cathedral ceiling! Don't know why they had to wait till then!) That sucker was as big as a basketball!!! Then in the winter they took down the vinyl shutters and discovered yet more nests! I hate wasps!!!
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I hate those!!! WI has more than its fair share of stinging/ biting insects!
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Oooh I know what thats like, I was on a field exercise and a team mate and I ran through a wasp nest, very unpleasant.
We have some weird bees here in Japan HUGE s and they build nests every where, there were at least 10 old nests, I destroyed them all and sprayed insecticide all over the area. So far its working. I wouldn't like to be stung by one of them, they look nasty.

Get well coming your way
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Ouch! I hope you are feeling better.

When we had a wasps nest we called the city to come and remove it.
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