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I'm getting a cat!

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I've recently decided to get another cat, I've been catless since my sweet grey tabby, Marley, went missing 2 years ago. I never found out where she went, but I miss her terribly. I love my dogs, but I am missing having a cat.

I thought about going to the shelter, but remembered my mom who was talking about re-homing some of her cats. One of her cats, Wheezy, she likes, and will keep her forever, one (abby) belongs to my sister, Oliver is really my dad's cat, and then there is Kiara. No one likes Kiara. She gets blamed because the cats don't use the litterbox. Abby and Oliver don't use it either, only Wheezy. But, there are 4 cats, and 3 dogs in a not-huge three bedroom house, and one litterbox in the bathroom that doesn't get cleaned often.

I live with my sister, who doesn't have Abby because there is a $100 pet fee (per pet) on the house she is in, and she can't afford it until august. She has permission to have her cat, as soon as she can give them the pet fee. She is going to ask if she can have two cats if she pays an extra $100 (I would pay it). If so, I'm going to take Kiara. If not, I'll wait until I have my own place. Either way, I'm getting a cat! If I take Kiara, and my sisiter takes Abby back. They'll be left with only Oliver and Wheezy, and I don't think my dad really wants to re-home Oliver.

About her. Kiara is an orange tabby, with white. Very sleek and "pointy", except right now because she is being free-fed cheap crappy food (which will change the minute I get her) so she is FAT. Poor cat looks so funny, big fat body, tiny little head and skinny legs. As part of her new life, I am giving her a new name. Even if she is 6 years old, I don't like her name. She will be Kacia (pronounced kaysha).

Pics soon, I promise!

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Yay!! Good for you - I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun. We are catless at the moment too so I will live vicariously through your experience! Looking forward to your pictures
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I am very happy for you. I am catless now and quite lonesome too.
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Exciting!! I bet not having a cat is very lonesome.

I cant wait to see some pictures!!!
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I went from being catless for the past 2yrs to now living with 5 (couple of fosters, though ), so I have an idea what you're going through. Definitely keep us posted!
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I hope you can have her. It`s not suprising they are not using the litter tray if there is only one between them so you and your sister taking two can only be a good thing
I`m sure they will be spoilt rotten
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That's great !!! I hope you get her, and the name you chose is lovely
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I'm glad you are taking Kiara (Kacia)! Normal sized portions of a better quality food will definitely help her lose weight.

P.S. Wouldn't your parents rather get a couple more boxes and scoop more often than clean up every time they go outside the box?
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Clean up? No no no, you just let your house smell like cat pee and b*#!@ about the cats peeing in the house.

Nice, huh? They're not really used to this, all their old cats just went outside. With less cats, it will be do-able for them.

I think it's mostly Abby that pees on things. She was declawed before my sister got her and is very particular about her litter and how clean the box is. If you use the right litter and clean it very often, she has no problem.

My dad claims they shouldn't be fat because he "Only feeds them a handful (total) a day, so they must be getting fed at someone elses house". Yet he leaves the cat food bag on the kitchen floor and they climb in it to eat.

So yeah, I think I need to help them all out a little and take a cat. They mean well, but I think they are a little overwhelmed.

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And thank you everyone for your kind replies!

I feed my dogs canidae, and which is the only really good food you can get here (I can get natural balance, chicken soup, and nutro as well, if need be). So I'll probably feed Felidae.

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Well it sounds like you are getting everything under control!
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Good on you - the poor sweet kitties will probably really appreciate having a new home, and your mum will like knowing they're in good homes.

We feed our girls Felidae dry and a bit of Felidae wet in the evening as a treat and they LOVE it! They're all slender kitties as well, so I think controlled Felidae portions will help a klot
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Well, no Kacia yet. My sisters landlord won't approve another cat. So it will have to wait a bit longer until I get my own place.

We did take Abby today, she's doing great!
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