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Mr Kitty Pooh Pooh Proudly presents...

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Kitty Scissor paws

The Codfather

This is where I ran out of ideas...

A-hem! Quiet please! The movie is about to start!

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Ok, I took some more...

Now I ask you. Is this the face of a thug? I think not, Mr Nasty Vet

See! He`s cute when you get to know him.

This is what he thinks of nasty vets. I told him it`s rude to flip the bird

So he gave me his best mean look

( Sorry for the stretch but it says it`s resized and it obviously isn`t. I did try 4 flipping times )
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I love the last one! It looks like he's gonna take over the world!

Thanks for sharing.
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He's a sweetheart
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Aww He's a Beauty ...Great pictures also Thanks for sharing
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He's so handsome ! Can't decide if he looks more orange creamsicle or dulce de leche!
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Oh I love Kitty with his freckles on his nose! You got some really fantastic pics of him! What a gorgeous boy
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The Cod Father

That's a gorgeous shot of him as well
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Awww Kitty you gorgeous boy...Love the pics and the captions
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Kiity is very handsome and not thuggish at all!!
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wow -wow- wow - wonderful photos of a wonderful Kitty he is such a stunner you know I cant get over how vivid his colouring is - fantastic

those would be great for signatures
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Kitty says Thank You!

He also said he is not opposed to the idea of world domination

Ann, I got Paintshop Pro 9 but I`ll be jiggered if I can work out how to do it BUT my lovely brother has got me the book so maybe soon I can make a sig
Just waiting for it to be delivered and waiting for a few spare hours
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Those are just beautiful!!! Very nice!! It does help to have such a gorgeous boy to work with.
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What a lovely fellow is Mister Kitty!
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You take fantastic photos. Of course, Kitty is a fantastic model too...
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Thanks guys!

Kitty is a little tart. Some times he won`t play though and just glares at me I guess it doesn`t do much for his macho image
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Awesome, awesome gorgeous lovely pictures of a very handsome non-thuggish Kitty!! I adore him
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Gorgeous shots, gorgeous cat! Thanks for sharing!
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That is one versatile kitty.
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Don't know how I missed this the first time around. What a gorgeous, handsome hunk! Great photos and captions
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