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I have 3 kittens .... need help Please !!!

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they are in my friends house in a dog pen.... no room in my studio apt.

i have been trying to help keith, who lives near me, TNR whatever
unfixed cats he has and adopt out whatever adoptable ones he has.

its been slow going but mostly that has been because of money and
some personal medical issues i have had....but we are trying our best.

he has a really really friendly line of cats by him. its actually shocking
how friendly they are for outside cats. some more than others.

anyway.... we got 3 females fixed and one of them was adopted out
to a great family via a rescue. i have spoken to the family and they
love her and we have emailed each other and they have sent me pics.
some of you may remember the story of audrey....that is the one adopted.

BUT the mom cat that started the problem by him he still has not been able
to catch and she disappeared a couple of months ago and came back
with 3 kittens. SEE KEITHS thread about ideas needed on trapping.

i told him that we will have to grab them as soon as he can catch them.
they already looked like they were at least 8 weeks old but i'm not good
with judging that so i am guessing they are probably closer to 12 weeks
old ??

they are the cutest babies !!!!

anyway.... he lucked out and caught all 3 within two days and now
they are at my friends house.

the rescue that i got to agree to take them said they will only take
them IF we can socialize them WELL.

well i've socialized grown cats but only well enough where they are
happy and comfortable with their families in their presents homes
where they were adopted to but i have never socialized kittens.

i guess i thought it would be way easier but now i am thinking maybe not !!

we've only had them 3 days so i think is the 4th day.

there is a black one, a gray one and a calico. did i say they are adorable !!!

i told my that i think we should be able to grab one by scruffing
it within a couple of days but we have not been able to do that.

i thought i remember feralwhisperer doing that a few years ago with
3 presents i had brought to her and so i thought that is what i would try.

well last night the black one got close enough to me while eating his or
her wet food and i started petting him as he growled at me and then i
decided to scruff him to get him out of the cage.

well that did not go over too well and he/she kind of freaked and leaped
out of my hand but thank goodness he was still in the cage.


i don't think i know what i am doing !!!!!!!

i'm loosing all confidence !!!!

the thing of it is since they look to be about 8-12 weeks old even
though the rescue agreed to take them, i still have to get them
to the rescue as soon as possible while they are small and cute and
kitten looking. that is the only reason this rescue is taking them.

they are filled with grown cats and feel that kittens will go fast IF they
are socialized WELL.

i told the rescue that IF they feel that the kittens did not socialize well
enough to be adopted that i already informed keith that after the
kittens are fixed that they will have to go back into his yard.

obviously that is something none of us wants to do but i have no choice.

so i really need to succeed.

i know we have only had them 3 days but i am kind of panicing already !!

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!!!! thanks !
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Also to add to the urgency, imagine that these 3 kittens had to be trapped, taken from their family, locked in a cage, and then if not socialized, be returned to my yard after all that stress for nothing, AND my neighbors hate cats so they would be released to a place where they could possibly be in danger, not to mention there are dogs on both ends of my block.

I've had 2 cats dissapear and never return this year...

Going back to my place really wouldnt be in their best interest.

Please Help so they can find a safe home!
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This is an emergency please help with some advice!
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Here is a good link for socializing feral kittens. Good luck!!
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Just wanted to add something in your link doesnt discuss.

Prettyboy was holding one of the kittens petting it and it was calm, but when the phone rang it freaked out and jumped out of her arms, it never heard a phone before I guess.

Is there a way to get them used to loud noises (like the phone I mean) besides the fact they are living in her house?

So they wont be scared anymore when it rings.
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I think that would come with time. The more that they hear loud noises, and realize that no harm has come to them, the more likely they are to not freak out. I'm not entirely sure how to help you with this, but I wish the best of luck. And please keep us updated. Someone else that works with ferals will probably be along to give some advice soon.
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What about leaving the radio (classical station) or television quietly playing in the room they are in to help desensitize them to hearing new sounds and voices?
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thanks for the ideas and the link.

the link did have some good ideas too.

the pen is in the most occupied room in my friends house.

one kitten had been making progress but now has taken a step back.

another kitten also had been making progress before leaping out of my
friends arms.

unfortunately the mommy kitty had not brought these kittens around until
they were already about 10 weeks old (just guessing at the age) so that
really put us behind the eight ball.

please send lots of prayers and good luck vibes. i think we are going to need them.

thanks again for posting.
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the kittens have been in my friends house 3 weeks today.

at this point i am so discouraged that i honestly think what is going to happen
is that they will get fixed and they will have to be returned to keiths yard.

last night we found and put together two more cages and got a huge heavy
duty folding table and set it up in my friends living room and bought all the
stuff they will need x 3 and separated them into 3 separate cages in hopes
that this will speed up the socializing.

they are still so scared.

they really need someone who is home more that has more time to work
with them.

it totally looks like we are going to fail at our very first kitten rescue.

with grown cats there is not as much as a rush to socialize as there are
with kittens. kittens only look like kittens for a short period of time.

and as we all know kittens are more adoptable then grown cats.

last night was exhausting and expensive.

i can't believe my friend has let me totally turn her house upside down.

her living room is small and now with this big table and two cage in it you
hardly can move in there. then there is the cage in her computer room
which is right next to her living room.

anyway.... sorry there is not a good update.

but i guess i kind of want to give keith a heads up on the fact that these
kittens will probably be going back to him. sorry keith.

and fyi keith... i have no internet at home and have not had any for the
past 2 weeks. doesn't look like the problem will be solved.

but you have my telephone number and i can access my yahoo account
from work if you email me.
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Good luck. I don't have any other suggestions other than .. perhaps if you put a friendly cat in the area and let them see her rubbing on you they might get the idea. Playing with them may help too.
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Oh dear, I wish you much continued success as you struggle to socialize the little ones! Keep the faith! And here are some socializing vibes for you...
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the update is not very good.

i have decided that i will be using the certificates i received to have
some more outside cats fixed for these sweeties to be fixed, vaccinated etc
in the next week or two.

i have posted asking for any rescue people on long island if they feel they
can give this a shot and socialize these sweeties to please contact me.

and i have assured them that i will be taking them back regardless of what
happens. they will either go straight to the rescue who has told me they
will take them IF they are totally social OR they will be going back into
keiths yard BUT I will not be leaving these sweeties permanently with
whoever is kind enough to try to socialize them.

so i am posting here also and asking if anyone on long island thinks they
can try to socialize these 3 kittens to please contact me at my email

thank you and i will also start a thread about this.
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