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Always whining/meowing

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I have looked through old threads for a solution, or even just an explanation of why this new behavious has started but I haven't found anyone with the same issue.

I have 2 cats, they are brothers, both approx 7-8 years old. Typically they are both fairly quiet, they like to chatter with me or get excited when the fridge door opens but I wouldn't consider this whining.

Nothing in my household has changed other than I have been starting to work longer hours but my boyfriend is home with them so they are not alone.

Recently one of the cats has started whining through out the day and sometimes at night too. I don't think it's for lack of attention, sometimes he will be laying with me, then he will get up, walk down the hall and start excessively whining for no reason.

I try to talk with him (as I've done in the past), he has food, water and LOTS of love and attention so I don't understand why he is doing this.

Both cats have good bill of health from the vet so I really have no idea why this has started.

Please help!
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Bored? Does anyone really play with him for any length of time, with toys (laser pointers, 'Da Bird' feathers on a stick, a cat tree to climb, knotted cords pulled slowly out from under newspaper sheets - drives 'em nuts) etc.? Do they have a good wide window perch to look out at the birds from and snooze? Are they getting enough to eat (dumb maybe, but you have to ask sometimes)?
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