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Weight Loss

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Anyone have any suggesstions in feeding tactics for one of my cats? I've got two cats, one on each side of the spectrum. Spot's the fatty at 13 pounds, Isadora is a trim 8 pounds (both are adults). I'm always concerned about Spot's health. I've spoken to the vet about it before and they suggest to feed her smaller portions. Unfortunately, that's kind of hard when you have two cats...and I definately don't want Isadora loosing any weight.

Neither one of the cats sits around long enough to eat what we put in their dish. They usually take a few bites and then wander away (so that kind of negates the idea of feeding Spot in a seperate room and then waiting until she finishes her food). On my vets advice, I feed them 1/4 cup in the AM and 1/4 cup in the PM.

Anyone deal with anything like this before?
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Perhaps you could get a large cardboard box and cut a hole in it just large enough for your skinnier cat but not large enough for your bigger cat? I lucked out in that my fat cat Odo can't jump very well, so I feed Willow on top of the dresser which is higher than he can jump.
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