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Meet our Two New Kittens

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Hi Everyone. Meet our two latest additions to our fur family. The are half Bengal. Mumpuss is my work colleagues cat and she is a pure bred Snow Bengal who had a brief love affair with the local Tom cat and produced 4 kittens. Due to Mumpuss having medical problems we got the kittens at 7 weeks old. They will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. We've had them checked over by our vet who says they are in perfect health. They get their first vaccinations next Tuesday. They're very playful and mischievous and like running up our legs (ouch!)

The kitten on the left of the pic is Harley. Named because he charges around and purrs like an engine. The kitten on the left is Benjy, the quieter one (only slightly). He looks as if he's going to keep the same eye colour as his mother - blue with a hint of green. His colouring is much lighter than his brother's - cream coloured. Very pretty. Both of them have the Bengal spotted belly.

Benjy playing with his Cat Teaser

Harley getting ready to pounce

Something wrong here...this is our big neutered Tom cat Chico playing surrogate Mum...

Hope the links work as I can't seem to get the Insert Image to work. Just comes up with a link to the Little Mermaid
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yay, the links worked fine and what a couple of cuties those two are for sure love the last one of Chico with his new babies so sweet - looks like they are settling in well too
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Awwwwww they are sooo adorable!!! Congratulations!!!
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Thankyou. They are cute and a lot of fun.

Chico is quite a big cat and you can see how big the kittens are. They are 8 weeks old tomorrow. Cats are amazing animals. Chico is no relative whatsoever to the kittens, yet he's taken it upon himself to "mother" the kittens.

Here's a short video clip of one of the kittens sneaking up on Chico to try and suckle and Chico pushing him away with his back leg - then washing the kitten. Cute.
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wow congrats very stunning kitties
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Aww! Bless. They`re gorgeous.
Beautiful markings. So nice of Chico to play 'Mummy'
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My Seb played surrogate mom to Daphne, too. Your Chico sure is a great dad The babies are just so sweet!
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They're gorgeous!

What a silly boy Chico
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Thats a really cute video and just goes to show you that boy kitties can be just as good of a foster mommy as girl kittys
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I like in the video how he uses his back leg to hold the kitten in place by his tail.

You will let me bath you!
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They've now discovered the joys of running up the curtains (drapes)

Another favourite pastime is pouncing on your toes. Harley keeps stealing my son's socks, running round the room with them making odd noises

They're a bundle of fun
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Awwww! Is the mommy OK?
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