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When Visitors Come Over...

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I'd like to know what everybody else's cats do when visitors come over. My husband and I don't have kids, so maybe my 3 cats just aren't used to having strangers in the house. On the rare occasion that somebody comes over, they go right under the bed. A few weeks ago my 10 and 12-year old niece and nephew came over and Jiggy and Sophia ran under the bed, whereas Gette stayed on it and let them pet her (which surprised me). I was really surprised by Sophia's behavior, because at thetime she was only 8 months old and I was hoping she wouldn't be a "scaredy cat". But now I'm thinking maybe she was just reacting to Jiggy running under the bed. (She never came out until after they were gone and the coast was clear).
Also, when my cat sitter comes to take care of them while we're on vacatoin, she said the first time she did the cat sitting for us, Gette followed her around while she changed their food, water and litter box while Jiggy stayed under the bed (didn't have Sophia then). But the past 3 times she's been here, she says they all are under the bed.
I hate that when she comes, they don't crave human attention like they do from me. She does try to coax them out and talks to them. Jiggy even lets her pet him while he's under the bed.
Anybody else have this same reaction to "strangers"???
Sorry for the long post!
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yuppers. mine do the same, at least, the older ones do. the kittens are more apt the strangers, and play,lol
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Princess runs and hides, then may come out and play later, but won't allow anyone to touch her but me.
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Originally Posted by menasmom View Post
I'd like to know what everybody else's cats do when visitors come over. Anybody else have this same reaction to "strangers"???
My cat (not a kitten) comes out to greet them if she is not already waiting by the door. She will sit on their laps and basically be an attention hog. As far as she is concerned people are lovely creatures created to give her the attention she demands
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My Petunia would run and hide the minute she heard strangers in the house. After I moved in with my hubby, his cat Much started to do the same thing. I think she was influenced by Petunia.

After Petunia died and we got Lucy, Much still will run under the bed, but Lucy will at least check out the guests for awhile. Then she will go off and hide some place. Carly is just downright friendly with everyone. I have to make sure that she isn't bothering the repair people. And since Lucy and Carly stay out, Much now will hide initially but then come out later.
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I don't have kids over at all, so I don't know how Abby would react to them now that she's older.

Chynna is a social butterfly and is right at the door to greet people as they come in, she makes sure they aren't lonely when they are here and she escorts them to the door when they leave, secretly hoping that they will take her with them, LOL

Abby used to be a real fraidy cat and went and hid behind the bed or in the closet when anyone came over. If they were here long enough she would come out and lay along the wall across the room watching them but if they moved towards her she would run and hide. Now that she's 9 years old she has started to become less afraid of people, and she will even let the odd person actually touch her. She absolutely loves Peggy, my homecare cleaning lady. As soon as Peggy comes in Abby is all over her. In addition to Peggy, she's let a few others touch her too, but not many. She seems really choosey.
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Bagheera isn't "affected" by them unless they attempt to pet her (but she's hand shy even with us). Khan takes off, and depending on who it is, will either eventually return or will just not be anywhere to be found.

Noel greets them, and will sometimes even jump up in their lap.

Pogue, surprising as I expected him to be a friendly cuddly cat, vehemently removes himself from anywhere that someone who is not family is in.

Joyeux is more like, oh, did you come to visit me??? Huh? Le'ts play! Oh, pet me! I like visitors! Babies are great! People are wonderful, love me pet me hold me, I love you...
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My 3 bottle fed orphans are all over any visitor to the house. Scarlett in particular will get in their face and if they don't love on her, will fling herself on her back and request tummy scritches. Muddy stands on his hind legs against them and asks to be picked up. Koko will jump into a cat tree and watch them intently.

Stumpy and Pinky will come out and observe them out of curiousity.

Pinky runs for cover and you can almost set your watch to him - he comes back out after 2 hours.

Sage and Dakota aren't really consistent with their behavior. Sometimes they stay out, sometimes they disappear into a back bedroom.

The rest stay under the bed until the visitor leaves.
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Thanks for your responses! Now I'm wondering if it's a male/female thing or perhaps the way they spent the first 8 weeks or so of their lives (all of mine were rescues, though 2 were fostered when kittens...).
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Cassi, Ivory and Trouble will all disappear, sometimes after a while they'll come back.

Vash and Spaz are attention starved and look forward to loving on anyone.
Well, mostly, Vash loves kids, Spaz will disappear if it's kids.

Shadow is indifferent.
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Max hides Ashley sticks around to say Hello
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Jamie initially runs upstairs or behind the living room curtains, but then curiosity gets the better of him, and he starts peeping at the visitors. Sometimes he'll come out and go over to them, while other times he gets on his window perch or climbs his cat tree.

The big exception is relatives; he demands scritches when they visit.
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Most of them are always up for some lovins...no matter where its coming from! They dont run and hide usually.
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Gracie runs and hides, Casey's sure that the visitors are here to see him.
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Maisie is a scardey cat. She will usually get all nervous with strangers but she is usually in her own room anyway.

Kitty is the complete opossite! He has to be wedged in between me and whoever on the sofa even if there is no room.
He usually puts one paw on my knee as if to say, 'She`s mine! Back off!'
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Isis, Luna and Neffie will hide under the bed if someone comes to the house. (or under the fish tank.) Twig and Rocket are my ambassadors and will stay out no matter who's here.
But tow of the girls were former ferals and Neffie was a basket case living in a basement hating all people. They are all getting better slowly but it's taking baby steps. (and years so far.) Once in awhile, you'll catch one of the girls out while there are only a few people here, but not very often. If someone tries to pet them though, they are gone.
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As a full time pet sitter, I see cats that hide slightly more often than cats that don't.

Many can get used to particular strangers over time (after they aren't really strangers anymore), but some just never warm up to strangers. Just like a few cats never even warm up to their own owners!

And this is true even if they were all excited about people when they were younger. It can be a habit they mature into.

Part of the problem is that many strangers want to "see the pretty kitty" and are way too excited about it. Strangers that come in, ignore the kitty, and talk in normal voices get the most attention from scaredy-cats. It gives the cats time to sniff the new smells, hear the new voices, and decide there are no threats.

Socializing your cat on a consistent basis right from kitten hood does help. Have strangers come over periodically to show it is a "normal" and not scary thing.
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They all hide!!!

But hey, when we have company over, sometimes *I* want to hide too!
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Jaffa hides under the bed but Mosi is a social butterfly and loves everyone. He climbs onto their laps and rubs his entire body against them. Most leaving sporting the latest in cat hair clothing.

Magpie, my bridge babe and Jaffa's brother, would hide initially but if someone stopped a while he'd come out and demand a bit of fussing.
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Sebastian will greet and love on anyone who walks in. He craves people. I rarely have anyone over, though.

My sis and her daughter came over the other night and Daphne was unsure about them at first. She did warm up in the few minutes they were here. I hope living with just me doesn't make her anxious later on.
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Pixel hides. Java runs to meet whoever is there, & demands pets & attention. Cable & Chip will come after the company's been there awhile, & they feel they can trust them. Firefox seems to like everyone ok, but she's usually busy with kitten stuff - i have to call her, but then she comes running!
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Katie and Pete are my scaredy cats. When company comes, no matter who it is, they head under the bed and don't emerge until the coast is clear. Claire does exactly hide, but she'll stay out of the way unless someone makes an effort to draw her out. Then she's happy to get the attention if approached quietly. Gracie's not shy at all. She's out an about keeping an eye on everybody. A couple of visitor's have mentioned how she "glares" at them. She doesn't like to be touched by anyone but meet, though. If a visitor, even someone she knows well, goes to touch her, the ears go back, she tenses up and has been known to nip or swat.
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The most sociable of our lot is Fawn, who observes from a short distance, but soon joins the company, sometimes looking for scritches, but certainly always putting on her "I'm cute " display. She and our pet sitter are friends now.

Cindy will occasionally get curious enough to put in an appearance, but seldom at close enough range for touch. Sometimes the pet sitter can entice her out with a toy, sometimes not.

Suzy vanishes. The study -- the spare bedroom -- outside -- whatever holds the most appeal at the time. Our pet sitter has yet to meet Suzy.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
Suzy vanishes. The study -- the spare bedroom -- outside -- whatever holds the most appeal at the time. Our pet sitter has yet to meet Suzy.
That's funny! I've sat for people's cats and never met them. Usually, I'll at least get a glimpse and figure out their hiding spots so I can go check on them. One cat though, I never even saw a whisker of her the whole time.

Wiggies likes to come out and be loved and admired by everyone. He's very sociable and has been known to try to trip strangers on the street by flopping over for tummy rubs on the sidewalk.
Pushy will run and hide. He'll peek out and check things out, but usually he'll keep his distance.
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Opie is usually antisocial and will stay in my bedroom. If he's laying on the couch, company will reach out to scratch his ears. Sometimes, he accepts this and at other times, he will take a swipe at them. If he's in the bedroom, he MAY saunter out to the living room, look the company over, give a disgusted look and go back to bed.

Rowdy will immediately go into show-off mode and jump onto ANYBODY'S lap. She is particularly annoying, if my company is male. Rowdy is a tramp and refuses to get off of a man's lap. I have to tell that he's MY date

Buddy strolls into the middle of the living room and either poses prettily or sprawls on his back. After a while, he will venture onto the couch and deign to have his ears scratched. Buddy then curls up next to me and watches whatever is going on.

On the rare occasions, that I have a sleepover, Opie is the most vociferous, about being shut out of the bedroom. He will sit outside of the door, scratch and cuss.
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Chloe runs away, likely not to be seen again until the "intruder" has left. There are a few rare exceptions - people she's learned to feel comfortable around. Or if someone sticks around long enough and is pretty quiet, she'll venture out to see what's going on.

Iris on the other hand keeps her distance for a minute to survey the situation and then goes about the business of making new friends.
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Some will run and hide, some will sit there and give them weird looks .

Sometimes they will get the guts to go and check them out. Bosco likes to go up and try to get the persons attention. He loves people.
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Lily always hides behind the couch and won't come out. One of my friends who comes around once every few weeks she's gotten used to, and comes out and even let my friend pat her last time! If there's a group of people over who are here until late she'll often come out toward the end of the evening once she's pretty sure nobody is going to try and murder her

Smudge is an attention seeker - she will climb all over visitors and get lots of lovings off of them. She also seems to like kids as well - she's happy for them to poke and prod her and will just walk away if they get a little too rough.

Stumpy doesn't like kids, but hangs around when we have visitors. She just loves to know what's going on, so she'll hang out in a spot where she can watch everyone and approach people for belly rubs once we're still. She'll also chew cables if she thinks she's being ignored... Our neighbours now know to plug the baby monitor in somewhere she can't reach it when they come around for dinner!
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Stanley runs over and gives them a good sniff. He demands attention --very dog-like in that concern. He'll charm everyone as he's very sweet and friendly.

Bella will watch them from afar...she will eventually come over and even occupy a lap or two, but she gets easily overstimulated and bitey so I have to put her in another room after a while.
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Demetri runs to the door when he hears someone knock, follows them around inside, jumps on their lap and touches noses, waits for them to say how gorgeous he is then goes through their handbag He'll come back every few minutes and meow to remind them of his handsomeness

He loves children too and will go right up to them, wanting a cuddle.
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