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my kitties

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hello every1, i'm new to this site, what are every1's age/sex/locations? anyway, i have 2 cats, dusty and pigeon. here are some facts about them:

All black with green eyes.
Scared to death of everything.
Will be 7 years old on May 14th (my bday!)

Named because he walks Pigeon toed because he's polydactyl (he has 6 toes on each of his front paws)
All black with gold eyes.
really nice fur.
very quiet meow.
will be 5 on July 4th.

Those are some facts about my kitties. please write me anytime!
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I'm 28 and I live in Maryland. I have 2 cats, Cracker is a brown tabby manx-mix and her sister Barrel is a tortie. they are my precious little girls.

welcome to TCS. I'm sure you are going to love it here!
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Sounds like they are both a riot. Rene has a black polydactyl. He is a real love. Of course I have a thing for black cats. For some reason though all mine have green eyes. The first of 3 is weighing in at 22lbs. I hope you stick around and enjoy the fun!
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Hi misskitty and welcome. I am 3 months away from sixty and live with my husband, 11 cats and one dog in Leicester, NC-just outside Asheville. My cats range in age from one and one half years up to sixteen and one half years and I have torties, a calico, several grey tabbies and two yellow-one short haired tabby and one big, fluffy solid yellow furball. The dog is a Heinz, medium size and gets along well with all the cats.
The most exciting thing in our lives right now is that we will be grandparents for the first time in about 3 or 4 weeks. Can't wait. :

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MissKitty! So nice to meet you! I am 35 from Iowa, and female of course....(ever meet a man named Debby....LOL )

I am glad you have joined us! WELCOME!!!!!!!
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Welcome MissKitty

i am 20, i live in Canada, more specifically B.C.
my name is Katie and i am owned by 4 beautiful cats:


and two that are now living on a farm, but live still in
my heart:


i miss them so much, i could just cry for days if i let

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He and welcome to The Cat Site.
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Hi and Welcome! I am 29 (30 in 2 months)female and I live in Florida! I have one Tabby cat, 3 labs, 1 jack russel terrier, and a fish named Scarlet! My kitty will be having babies soon so my family is growing!
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Hi misskitty. I will be 25 in 3 days. I am owned by one little kitty and am on a search for some more

I am from Portland, and am sure you will it here
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Miss Kitty: First and foremost Welcome, welcome, welcome, to you and your babies. I am ThreeleggedKat aka Darlene (call myself threeleggedkat 'cause I walk with a cane, which my nieces call "my third leg")

I am 52 years old and live in St. Louis, MO. I am allowed to live here by my 6 indoor cats, 2 outdoor cats (that I caught and had spayed) and 2 dogs. They allow me to live here as long as the food bowls are full and the litter is changed. I try to live up to my part of the bargain and they, in turn, give me unconditional love and brighten my every day. They ever laugh at me when I wake up with a bad case of "Bedhead" or make fun of me when I sing. . . . .(at least I don't think they do. . . . although some times I get those "what was she thinking?" looks

I LOVE BLACK CATS! especially the green-eyed ones. . . .

Also, some of the most intelligent, loving cats I have ever known have been polydactyl(we just called them "Big-Foot Cats") I don't have any right now but I have fond memories of Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Toot. . . . .and their off-spring: Smokey Joe, Boy Boy, and Swirl. . .. . . . .

Again, welcome and I look forward to reading your posts often TLK
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