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Yet another Ontario meet up

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This has already been discussed, mostly in PMs but now that the London one is out of the way and we are not confusing people.

The Canadian National Cat Club's Annual Cat Show at the Ex is August 25-26.

The Ex (for those not local) is a little west of Toronto and served by buses from Union GO / TTC Station, Dundas, Bathurst and Dufferin TTC stations in Toronto or Exhibition GO on the Lakeshore West GO line. Parking is really expensive, $10-25 depending on where you are parking and a lot of parking is reserved for the exhibitors.

It is free itself, but you need to get into the Ex which is $14 at the gate or cheaper ($10-11) if you buy online (or from their retailers) before hand they are also offering tickets if you redeem airmiles. The ride passes, if you want to make a day of it and go on rides is also available online / in advance much cheaper.

The 25th is Sloan and the 26th is Ill Scarlet in case the music offerings sway your choice in day of visit

I know that Wendy, Nat, Beth, Ady and some others expressed an interest before but since it is cheaper to get tickets in advance I thought I would mention it now rather than later.
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I'm actually going away that week to Lake Superior. Won't be back till late Sunday.
It looks good though, lots to see and do. I hope you get a good gathering there!
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I will try to make it!

As discussed, I am going to hopefully meet you before Eithne and we can go together to the ex?

Do you go just for the cat show, or will we make a day of it?
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We will make a day of it, but peeps are welcome to come for as long as they want.

There is lots of parking at our GO station so we will leave the truck there and meet you there (the GO is easier to find than my place)
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I would love to go, depending on how my surgery goes. I should be fully recovered by then.
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I'd love to come out. Depending on what is happening with the kitchen reno, I might be able to join you guys.

Our weekends are so limited, especially summer weekends!
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Saturdays are always better for me for some reason!
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As long as I have notice so I can schedule stuff around it either day is good for me
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