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new collar!!!

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just got some money and i indulged on a new collar...what do you think? (kuan yin's not very impressed)

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Poor darling. Looks like she's going to have to grow into it.
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very cute although perphaps a little too big at the moment she's adorable though
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awwwww such a little sweetie. She'll grow into it before you know it.
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aww look at that precious little smudgy face what does she think about her new collar - I bet she can slip right outta that one
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She's adorable!
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Bless! She`ll grow into it and then out of it
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Awww!! She is sooo puuurty!! And her collar is as well. She will grow into it before you know it!!
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She's adorable!!! What a cute face!
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Very sweet in her new grown up collar. It looks very fancy indeed
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She's a sweetie!
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Very chic!
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Very pretty - just like her!
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