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Bad, Bad Rocko!

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Just a few minutes ago I heard paper rustling in my livingroom.
Naturally, I investigated the noise and WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT!! Rocko climbed into a gift bag and Spot was attacking him from the outside.

The funny thing is that there was a black blouse in the bag—a gift for my mom. The blouse is now squashed and cover with gray and white fur, not to mention, it now has a "Runner" in the sleeve.

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Cats just love getting into the gift wrapping spirit! Merlin is always front and center whenever there is something to wrap. I can't put any bows or ribbons on as he eats them. I put the bows and ribbons on just before the present goes to it's reciepiant and sometimes there still are teeth marks in them!
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That picture is hilarious. I have a few gift bags, but they are in another room so the cats don't get at them. This morning, they were chasing each other around the tree. Faile likes to play with the garland, and Molly loves the wrapping paper. What would Christmas be without cats?
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LOL! My cats had better be grateful that their mommy loves them so much...Really it is hilarious! They looked pretty innocent when I caught them in the act—as if they were saying, "Look Mom, YOU left a BAG OUT...FREE Territory! LOL! They almost seemed annoyed with me for disturbing THEM...

The good news about the shirt is I got it on sale at Beall's Outlet... It's not a huge loss <grin>

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Just bring it back saying you didn't see the runner in it when you bought it. It will be a write off to the manufacture for them. Just lint brush off the incriminating cat fur!
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You can always return it Hair Mail!
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Hissy!! ROTFL!!!
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Don't you know that paper bags are imprinted "cat toy"? Its printed with substance that only cats can read!
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Talk about letting the cat out of the bag!
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