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I need some BIG BIG vibes

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I went to throw out the garbage and saw some water in a conrner area of the garage... Well I think I found the problem .... I need vibes that our "mr fix anything " friend can fix it and cheap... Mom always says shes selling the house when something goes wrong.... Just last week we had the air conditioning guy out cause the "foam on the outer pipe was half gone... I of course thought that was a BIG issue... air guy laughed cause what mom told him was foam coming from

I cant afford to move and neither can she...
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that it's easily & cheaply fixed, headed your way!
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Here you go Hope everything is easily fixable!
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That the problem is soon solved!
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Tons of coming your way!!
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Any excuse to use the new smiley eh

here you go

Hope all goes well for you.
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sending good wishes and positive vibes that it's fixed very soon and at a brilliant price
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Sending vibes that it is a very minor thing, and that your friend finds it and fixes it easily!
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many "get it done quickly and at a good price" vibes whizzing over for you

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Lots of that it's minor, Jennifer.
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Sending more
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Sending lots of vibes your way!
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Sending you many Hope it's a cheap fix!
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Hope it's a cheap and easy fix.
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I see we have an official vibes smiley now, so...

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Major headed your way!
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Lots of vibes headed your way hon!!! ((((((((((((vibes)))))))))))))
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WOW >>>>> I was right about what needed fixing( okay glad I didnt go ask the hardware store for a thingy to hold the other thingys together ).. The part to fix was a WOPPING $1.97 .. and the labor well mom gave him 10 plus a pass on the $ he owed her from a few weeks ago ... OH OH OH and he is going to help fix our pathetic sprinkler system....

THANK THANK YOU all for the vibes...
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Oh that's good news
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