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no vet

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Hi everyone I am new here and appreciate all of the info here.
My cat fell from the top of the shower to the floor and has hurt her leg.
We live in a very rural area with no vet available until Monday unless we take her 150 miles.
She won't put any weight on her leg. I have her laying in her bed and trying to keep her as quiet as I can. She is eating and has used the litter box. What if anything can I do for her. I read online that ultram is safe to give to cats for pain. Has anyone done this and did it help with pain. I am so afraid of giving her something that will hurt her.
Any advice you could give would be so appreciated. I just don't know what to do.
Thank you,
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I don't think i would give her anything meant for humans. My dog fell off the bed once and limped for a few hours and then was fine. I think just keep her quiet, no jumping. Does she seem to be in pain, like when you touch her leg? If she is eating and going to the litter box, I wouldn't worry too much, but definitely get her to a vet on Monday. Cats can hide pain very well.
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Can you call a vet for some advice at least? I would not give her ANYTHING reccomended to you by anyone usless the vet OKs it....whether you read it was safe on the internet or not.
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It definately hurts her. If you try to touch it she tries to leave or will hiss at you. Believe me when I say there is no vet. I lost another cat last year because I couldn't get any vet anywhere around to help. By the time we got her the 150 miles she was bad. Not to say we wouldn't have lost her anyway but I couldn't believe how uncaring the vets were. There recordings all say if this is an emergency take her to the hospital 150 miles away.
I will hold off giving her any medication. She only seems to hurt if it is moved a lot. She will get up and hop around a little. Why does everything happen on a weekend?
Thank you to everyone for your advice.
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Call the ER vet and explain your 150 miles away and what can you do??

I would contain her to a crate or small room with her box food and water...
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I agree with the other posters, don't give her any human medications, keep her in a nice comfortable and quiet spot with no jumping opportunities, and keep an eye on her. I had a cat hurt her leg once and after about 48 hours she was perfectly fine. You can try to call the ER vet and see if they will give you advice. If it doesn't go away, definately take her in on Monday or Tuesday.
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Thank you. I have put her in her bed in the room with her litter box, food and water. She is actually sleeping ok.
I will keep you posted.
I appreciate all of the advice. I don't want anything to happen to her.
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aww - just seeing this thread - how things with your kitty today

p.s whats her name
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Will she let you examine the paw at all? If you can get someone to hold her firmly, gently examine her paw. See if all the joints are moving properly. Feel for any irregularities like bumps or a particularly sore spot. If she gets too agitated, stop for a bit at least. She very likely has a sprain, but something might be broken. It's hard to say without an xray, but cats do tend to recover from these things well.
You can ice the foot like you would do with a human sprain. That may help to take any swelling down and relieve some pain. A lot of the pain in an injury is caused by inflammation.
I agree with everyone else. Keep her confined in an area where she has no way to really jump up or down.
Please let us know what the vet says when you get there.

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One of the barn kittens fell or something and broke the leg. My husband took a popsisle stick and we taped the stick to the leg and wrapped it up for a few weeks.

The kitten learned to get around pretty good. And in a few weeks started standing on the leg. We didnt' think he'd ever jump again, but the little one surprised us. By the time he was 2 - 3 months old he was fine. It healed pretty good.

My husband had done that in the past and the cat's recovered. At the time we couldn't afford expensive vet care (were strapped for money for awhile).

But I don't really recommend you try and doctor the kitten yourself. Its better to take to a vet as soon as you can.
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Call the vet that's 150 miles away, they can help you. I will concur with others, NEVER give your cat or dog, especially your cat, any over the counter medications that are meant for people, without the direction of a veterinarian. Tramadol is, however, used in cats for pain relief, but you need to give dosages very carefully and know how much your cat weighs. 2-4 mg per kg body weight twice a day is the therapeutic dose for cats, and tablets are generally 50 mg, so you'd have to break it up pretty carefully. You need to look for vomiting and/or sedation, if these things happen, you need to either reduce or discontinue the dose. It tastes bitter and may be difficult to administer to a cat. You know how they can get.

Don't do this until you speak to a vet though.
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Thanks to everyone. I got her into the vet this a.m. He just called and said she had a fracture something about the tibia. I am terrible with medical terms. Anyway he is keeping her over night to set the leg and splint it. He said if she did need surgery we will have to take her to another vet who is along distance from here as he doesn't do that surgery. Please pray she doesn't need surgery and that he will be able to set and splint it ok. I won't know until morning.
Thank you for all of the advice and support.
BTW her name is hissy.
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Hope Hissy makes a speedy recovery.
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Oh, poor Hissy!
Hope she`s doing ok and recovers soon.
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healing for your Hissy!
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