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I'm What? Former Feral?? No Way!!

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Here are some updated pics of Deacon & Douglas, adopted from Eilcon last November, born to feral Mom and rescued by Eilcon at age 8 weeks.

And here is Deacon, caught in the act of imitating your DH, saying, "Hey hon, can you get me a beer?"

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My way are those two of Eileen's feral boys! They look like they are doing awesome!
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Awww, just look at those handsome boys. I can't believe how much they've grown, Helene. Thanks so much for the pics!
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That's so wonderful to see! I'm so happy they found their furever home with you Helene!
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what a couple of beauties those two are for sure

its just brill that they are together in a forever home getting tone for TLC
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Oh my goodness they have grown so much. They both are just beautiful, as aways.
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They`re gorgeous!
Love their colour.
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Awww they're both adorable, but Deacon made me laugh!!!

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Thank you all so much for your kind comments. I agree, they are gorgeous, course, I am prejudiced a little!

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Aww. They're gorgeous. Very handsome cats
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Under your loving care Helen...
Deacon and Douglas have achieved their potential and more.
They are very handsome cats.
Thanks for sharing their pictures...
they show want tender, loving care can do.

Another success Eileen.
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Awwww look at those sweet boys...That pic of Deacon is hilarious
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They look happy and well adjusted now! Sweet kitties!
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I love pics of Deacon and douglas!!! they really have grown up to be some absolutely gorgeous boys, Helene!!
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