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Wow..Ants really love Innova EVO!

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I got a small 2.2. lb bag of Innova EVO today and fed my kitten a small amount.
I closed the bag and sealed it with one of those Chip clip things.

An hour later, I discover a huge trail of ants leading from the baseboards of my room to the bag!

I never even knew i had ants in the house till now...and apparantly those clips arent enough to protect against pests. Strange though, they didnt go for my bag of Nutro Complete Care which was sitting next to the EVO.

So now I have a contaminated bag of EVO. I immediately transfered the EVO into airtight ziploc bags but I can see a few ants in the mix.

Is there any way to separate those ants or do I need to toss out the whole bag now? Seems like a waste..I just got the expensive bag!
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I would toss it ... well if you have grease ants that would mean the EVO has a HEAVY fat spray after cooking...
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yeah i have the small grease or sugar ants. The little pieces in EVO does feel a bit greasy after handling them. Not wonder my kitten likes the taste...
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You can mix a little food grade Diatamaceous Earth in with the food and that will kill the ants, but of course then you will have to separate the dead ants from the food on your own I guess.

DE is commonly mixed with wheat and grains for shipment to keep the bugs out and is quite safe. It is also used for deworming pets and to kill fleas as well all all bugs.

If you do a search on DE in the forum you will find many, many posts on it.
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If I remember correctly EVO comes in a thin foil type bag. Right? If so you can invest in a decent vacuum food sealer like this: http://www.amazon.com/Deni-1830S-Fre...4528636&sr=1-2
Or something similar to it at the store. Then just buy a smaller container to keep a small amount of food in (say a weeks worth). Then seal the bag back. It will remove all the air from the bag and create an airtight seal so no bugs get in. Once you run out of food in the container cut the bag back open remove another weeks of food and seal back.

This is what I do now.
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I'd freeze the remaining product to kill the ants and then use a colander or a screen to sift out the ants. Since they're smaller than the food, the should fall to the bottom and out the screen/colander.
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