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Describe your cats purrrrr

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I did a search, and got no hits, so I'm hoping this isn't a double up.

I just want you to describe to me your cat's purrs.

Neko's purr is very faint, unnoticable even. The only way you know he's purring
is if you scratch him under his chin you can feel his larynx moving and to hear it, you need to put your head on his chest.
I must admit in the dead silence, of ungodly hours of the am, when he's licking my face I can slightly hear him purr, if I talk to him it gets a bit louder.

Diego on the other hand, is very loud, you can hear him across the room when he's really going for it. The only time he's not purring is when he's asleep, then again he sleeps in his own room so might purr in his sleep.
When he's having a bath he purrs, and I absolutely love it when a cat meows whilst purring, it is Sooooooo cute.

Anyhoo do tell me about your cat(s)
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The second you touch Oberon, he starts purring. It's not too loud, you can hear it from a couple of feet away.

Sparkle doesn't purr much (or meow much) but she gets all limp and liquidy and cozy when she's happy.

Lily purrs when she's happy with me. But if I pet Oberon or Sparkle before her, she won't purr when I pet her or pick her up. If I leave for the day, or put Advantage on her, she won't purr for an entire day to punish me. She'll also slink down when I pet her. But normally, she purrs pretty loudly when I pick her up or pet her, and raises her tail up as I pet her and get to the end part.
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Reeses' pur can be almost inaudible at times. When I pet her I usually touch her throat to see if it's vibrating *lol* Other times I can hear it across the room. Especially in the morning when I feed her it's really loud, and she usually purrs in between bites. "Purr... Purr... Purr... Purr.... *swallow*... Purr... Purr".
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well, let's see... Chip's is the loudest, very rumbly, suitable for a manly cat Pixel is quieter, but still audible, as is Cable's - they're very similar. Firefox's is a buzzing sound, kinda cute. Java is like Neko - so soft i can't usually hear it unless there's nothing else going on. even the a/c will drown her out!
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One word for both of mine: loud. My boys are not subtle critters, I like to joke that if they were left "in the wild" they'd be eaten by a predator right away because they purr so loudly no one can miss them.
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Isadora's purr is VERY loud and you can tell by the way her chest moves that she's purring (her chest makes very sharp movements). Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night while she's over cuddling (aka making out) with my husband and I can hear her purring clear on the other side of the bed.

Spot's purr is very deep and quiet. You can only tell she's purring if you're touching her, and you can only hear her if you're very close or have your ear on her.
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The brats all have a very low rumble... can't tell unless you touch them.

Tiger apparently swallowed a small lawnmower engine.. I can hear him purr from a mile away!

Tonka, is kinda inbetween. He purrs and chatters at the same time which is absolutely adorable to me!
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Princess purrs really softly, you have to either touch her or get her close to your face to be able to hear her.
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Kandie you could hear a mile away

Zoey well is a quiet one who hardly purrs... I swear she is wild cat
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I should have also asked you, when is the strangest time(s) that they purr?
Like I said Diego purrs even when having a bath, I think thats a strange time.

Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
Tiger apparently swallowed a small lawnmower engine.. I can hear him purr from a mile away!
small lawn mower I love it.
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Cool thread !

C'For is the loudest by far, touch him, talk too him...even LOOK at him and off he goes, sounds like a lawn mower The only time he does not purr is when I am not with him I think
Whiskey has a very faint purr, hardly hear it, and he needs sum patting b4 he starts up.
Wookie purrs all the time, pat him, walk past him, food time of course, again a quaint purr, not too loud.
Meisha is a real tractor , if I even approach the door where the kitties sleep ( as they are confined yet, as too young too be in the house all the time freely, unless supervised ) Meisha starts up, loud !, I think C'For has met his match ! Meisha also constantly rubs her gums all over my face , she loves me
Shiska is a lil goer too, she has a loud purr but not like Meisha or C'For, she purrs as soon as you touch her, unless she is playing of course
Zylah purrs whenever I am around her, a very quaint purr, her meow is the most unusual though, she seems too use the WHOLE 4 letters of Meow MMEEEOOOWWWW really cute and distinctive
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Zissou is convinced that I am a cat, actually, and doesn't do much purring at me. She makes cat noises at me, including the What's Up Whirr.

When she does purr it sounds a whole lot like her growl, which is thankfully rare.

Kind of like gravel from far away, very deep-pitched. More diesel engine than gasoline. And very elusive. When I get a purr I usually can't hear it, just feel it.
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Joshua has a really quiet purr, but when he purrs his body becomes really heavy and limp. It's cute.

Kinah's purr is a little louder.... and it's also a warning signal. It means "watch out, I'm about to drool all over you, fart in your face and/or bite you... Probably all three"
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stoli has a low baritone purr, that sounds best when you put your ear to him.
luxor has a a really loud soprano purr that you can hear two rooms away. he also purrs while he eats.
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Cleo's purr is so quiet that you have to touch her under her chin to feel it. She purrs when she gets her sub-Q's our special time together.

Lola has a regular volume purr. You can hear it when she's sitting on your lap. Sometimes, each purr ends in a little squeak if she's especially content.

Maggie's purr is kind of breathy sounding....and she seems to purr out of her nose. She loves to lay on my lap and knead, purr and drool herself to sleep.
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Jaffa purrs like a tractor and loud enough to wake the dead. He also purrs almost as soon as you just look at him. He's a big purrer. Mosi has a very soft purr that you can rarely hear. If I rest my head on his chest I can feel the vibrations but there's not much to hear. The vet heard it at his last visit when she was listening to his heart - he purred for her
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I just wanted to bring this thread back to life long enough to tell you about the new kittens purr

Talking about cats sounding like tractors and tiny lawn mowers,
my new kitten sounds like a little helicopter with the changing sounds as he purrs . He is still not as loud as my Diego, when it comes to the purr-o-meter Diego certainly gets a 10.
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Popsie's purr is quiet. I have to snuggle with him to hear it. He will purr louder though when he's excited.
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Nikita has a pretty strong rumbly purr. You can't hear her from another room but it's clearly audible when you're just a few feet away from her.

She'll purr when I get back from work, when I pet her usually and also sometimes while eating.
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Sassy purrs only when you pet him, and then very quietly.

Linus on the other hand sounds like a buzz saw and starts as soon as he knows you are close by and the volume increases when you talk to him or touch him.
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Sarah's is a little motorcycle And Max's is purrrr, hmm, purrrrr, meow, purrr.
I love to talk with him on the phone, he loves to talk away. But Sarah, on the other hand, doesn't talk too much on the phone. But when she does purrr, it's motorcycle time
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Originally Posted by Cat Mommy View Post
I love to talk with him on the phone, he loves to talk away. But Sarah, on the other hand, doesn't talk too much on the phone.
I really had no idea people really do that. I just read the thread the other day, "you know your a cat person when....." you talk to the cat on the phone!? For some reason though I can just picture that.

I guess I'm only 60% cat person
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Max loves to talk away at on you the phone. He happliy purrs away I know I'm crazy cat lady and proud of it! Are you keeping the beautiful tabby, that I see you added to your siggy? I love him... so cute!
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Originally Posted by Cat Mommy View Post
Are you keeping the beautiful tabby, that I see you added to your siggy? I love him... so cute!
I'm working on it.

Its ok to be a crazy cat lady, as long as you don't start throwing them at people
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Oh goody with that We dropped off the litter & food we bought for the stray yesterday and she is doing good. I wanted to see her, but she wasn't at the vet's anymore, she is at the rescuse lady's home, but they are going to get me some pictures of her & keep me informed of her progress.
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