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Mega Adoption Vibes Needed ASAP!!

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I am soooo excited I could pee my pants right now!!

I need some big time!

There's an application in on Punky. There is no way he can go home right now...eye drops 3-4x a day, stress makes his eyes worse, & the drops cost like $40 a bottle. So, provided the application is approved, I plan to butter up the new family via e-mail in hopes they will wait 10+ days until he is healthy.

So, can Punky get some mega {{{VIBES}}} that he has a new meowmy & her boyfriend as a purr-paw, please? This boy needs it. No kids, which is a mega plus as they are scary.
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((((((((MEGA VIBES!!!!!!!))))))))

i'm keeping my fingers crossed natalie!!!!!!!! let us know how it all goes!!!
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Heres some
From me too
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I'll be thinking of Punky, and sending good thoughts...
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Many adoption and healing vibes for that little baby
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Awwww, sending many for Punky!!
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Lots of adoption for Punky!
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Get a new home vibes for Punky!
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Oh awesome !!!!! many many many adoption vibes comming your way........
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Sending MEGA adoption vibes

Also sendig prayers for a fast recovery for Punky
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Sending lots of adoption vibes for sweet Punky.
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Awww, Good Luck!!!!
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for Punky! That's great news!
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Come on Punky!!!!

Any news yet?
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The application would've started being checked today, so no news on that.

Punky has a vet appt. at 3:15pm today for something else he's got going on. Hopefully the vet can tell me what's wrong with his eyes, too!
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I hope you can get to the bottom of his eye issues Many vibes for a successful adoption for Punky
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Sending vibes
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