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I Just got a Kitten!

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Hi. I just adopted a kitten from the Humane Society today. He's gray and white, 3 months old with a pink nose (pics soon ). I also have had a 4 1/2 year old gray female that I adopted when she was a year and a half. I may be being paranoid, but I have some questions. Oh, I forgot to mention, his name is Sherman Grey.

1). Jumping - I've noticed that when he tries to jump on the couch or chair he doesn't jump high enough and has to claw his way up. Is this just a thing about agility he'll learn over time? Or is he not strong enough yet?

2) Litter - Is the powdered feline pine stuff and OK litter for a kitten? Will he recognize it as litter if all he had at the shelter was clay? I also have a scoop free automatic litter box. should I worry about him using it? When I introduced him to the litter box, he just laid down in it.

3) Food - I got a bag of science diet kitten from the shelter. That's what they were feeding him. So I'm gonna use that for a little while. But I want to get him something better later. He did love my older cat's wet food, one of the first things he did was lick the dregs out of her bowl. She's on PUrina -DM. I also want to start introducing wet food into his diet. Is there a good brand? How much should I give him to start? Also, my cat is not allowed dry food b/c she's on a weight-loss program, so how do i get her to not eat the dry food? If you have any good links on feeding, I'll take em!

4) "Loose Stool" - I have read that it's common for this to happen to kittens. What are some of the causes for it and what do I do if it happens?

5)Scratching - will it really work if, when he starts to scratch the couch, and i move him to the post? I've also heard to scratch the post myself. Does that work?

6) EDIT:
I brought him home yesterday and he's used the litterbox to pee, but not to poo. I've given him a little wet food and also dry. I've seen him drinking water. Is there anything else I should do or should I just wait? Thanks again.
Umm..I probably will have other questions, but i think i've rambled enough for now!! THANKS!
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1. eventually, he'll get better at jumping.
2. i don't see why the FP wouldn't be okay - if he doesn't 'recognize' it as litter, you might need to mix in some clay, too.
3. any good quality kitten wet or all stage wet would be fine - look at the ingredients & pick one that has mostly named meat proteins as the primary ingredients.
4. canned pumpkin is good for loose stool. many cats like it - if he doesn't, you can mix it in with his wet food. make sure it's pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling.
5. i think both of those options are good ones.
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I know when I "scratch" on something my adult cat wants to imitate me, so yeah, I'd say scratching on the post yourself would't do any harm ^^ Might even make him like it more cuz it will make it smell like you and make him calmer with the post.

Sherman is such a cute name for a kitty! Good chioce!
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