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Caught this on MSNBC: California Governor Gray Davis was scheduled to hand out Christmas gifts at a Catholic-run children's home.

The administrators of the home told him that he was not welcome and could not come. Their reason: Gov. Davis' stand on abortion rights.

He was told that he could come, if he changed his views and asked for forgiveness.

I do not agree with Gov. Davis, politically but I would NOT penalize innocent children, to further my own political agenda.

What did those idiots think that he was going to do - tell these kids that they should have abortions? Good grief, its Christmas! Can't a person do anything, without the poltical rhetoric?
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You know, this really doesn't surprise me. I grew up in a Catholic family, but when I reached adulthood I decided that Catholocism was just not for me. And for the very reasons you just wrote about. It completely does not surprise me that they would forbid him from coming due to an issue like abortion. Their stands on such issues as abortion, etc are to be respected, but the problem I have with it is that they take it too far. They are ultimately punishing the children, but they don't see it like that. To ban the Governor from passing out gifts to children????????????? That is soooooo ridiculous.
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The administrators' first concern should be the children, but it obviously isn't. I can certainly respect their beliefs, but it is ridiculous to make the children suffer because of it. This is why I have a problem with organized religions. You can't have an opinion that is different or they won't have anything to do with you.
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Looking at recent events, it doesn't seem as though the Catholic Church is overly concerned about children's well-being, period.
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I have to say I am glad. I don't think it's right to accept something from someone if you have strong beliefs that are different. I don't mean in everyday life, like regular individiuals, but of the Catholic Church does not support Gray Davis they should not accept his charity. Yes, the children lost out, but they should get some pro-lifers to bring them toys. Gray Davis can go somewhere else, someone else can go there.
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After all the church is supposed to minister to the sinners not shun them! If Christ took that view there would be no Christianity today!

Sorry HAD to be said!
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Originally posted by DragonLady
After all the church is supposed to minister to the sinners not shun them! If Christ took that view there would be no Christianity today!

Sorry HAD to be said!
WOW!!!!!!!!!! VERY well said, Teresa!!!!!!! I could not have said it better!!!!!

While the church may not agree with this man's views and opinions on things, no matter what they are, he should still be welcome there. And you are so right, Teresa....sometimes I just get so frustrated with so called "Christians" for their self righteous attitudes....some of them act like unless you walk the fine line they walk, you aren't welcome in their church....excuse me, but church is actually for the people who want to find God, not just the ones who already know him.

Just my 2 cents.
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I got away from church, because of the self-righteous hypocrites. My dad sems to have the best attitude: he goes to church, sings in the choir (not well but loud), does yard work and repairs, visits church members, in the hospital, keeps the books and doesn't say a word about it. He's not doing it, for acclaim. More so-called "Christians" should be like him.

I was taught "hate the sin but love the sinner." That children's home should follow this tenet.
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I got the first real "Catholic" shock the just last week. And this, coming from my grandfather.

After my father-in-law passed away, he called and gave his sympathies and then said " Your grandmother and I would really love to come to the wake but, you know, it's a protestant wake and we would not know what to do since we are Catholic" I was sooo upset. Not only were we going through a rough time but I had to hear something stupid like that. I replied "You know grandpa, this is a wake. It's to show respect for him and his family. It's not a religious issue." He quickly apologized and said that's not what he meant. The next day he called and said he was going to go but was not feeling well. Right. I was so disappointed in him. Not for any particular reason other than the fact that whenever he needs something or help, my husband is the one to rush out and help him. My grandparents did not come to either one of my son's baptisms either because it was in a United Church. I think it's silly.

So, I am really not surprised that Gov. Davis was turned away. Hope that Catholic run home has plenty of funds to compensate for the gifts these children would have received.

Personally, I am happy that this Catholic (ME) has joined the United church. I have the same beliefs without spending as much time judging my neighbor and wondering about their beliefs.
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BTW: Isn't a wake, just a wake???? Is there really such a thing as a Catholic wake versus a Protestant wake??? The only difference I noticed is that there was nowhere to kneel down. (For me, that was not something I missed). Everyone made the sign of the cross in front of him and said their prayers. I have never, in all my life, ever heard such a thing....

Maybe someone can explain so I can understand my grandfather's view on this???
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I'm really not sure, Ghyslaine....I have been to a Catholic funeral once, for my friends grandfather, and the only difference I saw was the kneeling, and also they did communion right during the funeral but only the Catholics were allowed to participate in it, and also they waved some sort of insence around the casket after they closed the lid. I think it is really sad that your grandpa could not have come to the wake because of what church it was in.
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I've been to a couple of Catholic funerals and one Episcopal one. While not familiar with the rituals, I kind of followed along with the crowd, except for the Communion.

I was raised in a Pentecostal church - lots of singing, handclapping and shouting. Also, a lot of gossip, backbiting and hypocrisy. Haven't been back, since I was 17. Probably, the next time that I go, will be for one of my parents' funerals.
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The thing I found sad was, we are not talking about church here. We are talking about a funeral parlor. There is no singing or shouting or anything like that. Just a basic show of respect for the deceased and to show support and comfort for the remaining family.

If grandpa had chose not to come to the church, I would not have been that upset. It's his choice of not even entering the funeral parlor because he's Catholic and we are protestants that annoyed me. God forbid he be in the same room as all of "us". I just can't believe I am talking about my own flesh and blood.
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