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What color is my kitty going to turn out?!

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I have just gotten a new Kitten named Wolfie...See the pic!

I'm not sure who his daddy was, but his mom was a long haired multicolored tabby. His siblings were black and white, tabby, and a calico. Any ideas?!

Thanks for any help you can give me!!
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Hi! welcome to tcs hon! You'll love it here and hopefully learn a lot!!!

The picture did not show up. Would you like some help posting it?
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You need to use the img tags that photobucket provides a link to, that will embed the picture.

As for that color, I have no idea. I've never seen a cat like that before. He coat kind of reminds me of a silver fox.
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I have no idea what color he's going to be, but he certainly is an adorable kitten!!

If anyone wants to see the picture, just copy the URL and paste it into te address bar.
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I copied and pasted that into my browser, and from the picture I'd say he will be all black. I had a foster kitten once that looked like that, and after a couple months he was jet black. Your kitten is very cute!
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Thank you all so much for your help in posting and advice on what color he's going to be! I was thinking he was going to be black, but all the silver threw me off! I've been around gazillions of kittens working in a vet hospital, but I'd never seen a color like him! Thought I'd give this a try! I'm kinda hoping he keeps the grey and keeps looking like a fox! We'll see!! I'll post new picts as he grows!

I my kitties!
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Honestly? He looks so odd that it looks like Photoshop to me, but you seem sincere. He's really cute and such an unusual color. You really should get him into some cat shows... he'd steal the show!
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Wow. I've never seen anyone that color before either. He is very unusual. I would love to see pics as he grows.
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I can't see any picture - but I'm pretty good with colors. Can you post the actual picture in here and I'll tell you what your kitten color is?
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here he his, i put him into photobucket,lol

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Oh, wow! Talk about an amazing color! Beautiful kitten!
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That is a beautiful little guy!!!!
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Very odd color!! But a very pretty kitty.
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Fever coat, black
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