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How to give a bath

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So, I have an adult cat that's never needed a bath. (more than the bath wipes anyway). But I just got a new kitten and he needs a bath from being in the shelter. I don't think the bath wipes are gonna do it. What's the best way to give him a bath? Is there any special soap I can use? i think I may be a little paranoid...

(I am going to be posting other questions on other forums about my kitten. so if anyone knows a really complete guide on what to do with a new kitten, feel free to share. It already seems odd having a kitten vs. a full grown cat. I got Luna when she was 1 1/2 years old. )
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There are several recent threads in the care/grooming section about bathing.

But to give you a quick run down.

1. Trim ALL the kitten's nails before washing.

2. Fill the sink/tub with about 1-2 inches of warm water - not too hot, but warm enough to stay that way for about 5-10 mins.

3. Have 2 warmed towels (from the dryer) ready on the side after the bath.

4. Gently put the kitten in the water. Usually first baths they are too scared to do much of anything but be prepared for the kitten to try and get out.

5. Use a washcloth to wet the kitten from neck down. Do not get water on top of the head; especially the ears.

6. Use a small amount of shampoo (Dawn dish detergent, Pantane, Nexxus, or another high quality shampoo - not the cheaper ones).

7. After you wash the kitten all over, then rinse with warm water and rinse till you get out all the soap.

8. Wrap the kitten in the warmed towel and keep out of all drafts, fans, A/C, etc. till dry.

You might need 2 people - one to hold the kitten, one to wash. I've done 5 week old kittens before with no problems.
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Advice by GoldenKitty is wonderful.
I have two evil rugrats, and they both hate baths.
I do not bathe, I shower my kitties, in a shower with a stall, with a closed door, so they can't get out, then I don't get scratched. You don't have to hold them down then.
If you have a stall shower with a glass door, they make kitty baths oh so easy.
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for adults, i prefer the tub/shower, but for kittens, i like the sink. i've bathed Firefox 3 or 4 times now with no real problems. of course, she's still small enough i can hold her in one hand!
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Yes Great advice from GoldenKitty. I will also makes notes about this, as I have not bathed mine yet...YET shhh don't want them too hear me say bath but they do love water ..so might not be so bad....right?
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A couple more tips to add... make absolutely sure that nothing above the neck gets wet at all. I know it's tempting, but water + cat's ears = very bad. Use a wringed-out washrag instead.

Don't give them any warning. Go about your business, get everything ready, fill the tub/sink, set up your supplies, and then go for the cat. After the first time, if they know they're getting a bath, they're hiding.
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Also if you are washing the cat on a regular basis (like showing him/her) you will need to add some conditioner in the coat after the shampoo. For a quick bath you don't need the conditioner on a kitten. I'd put it on adult coats tho.

And my show cats get locked in the bathroom and then I fill the tub. I don't feel like trying to find them if they hide...luckily my show cats are pretty good about baths anyway. Spooky used to sit in the bathroom and hang out when other cats/kittens were being washed
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