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suggstions for diarhea on kitten

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Hi everyone,
I have a kitten who is 11 weeks old. He has had diarhea for the past 2 weeks. He has been to the vet and no worms, and no luekemia. He acts very normal, eats and drinks normally. He has been on the boiled chicken and rice diet for 2 days now and no change yet...any suggestions?

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My vet has advised me to give Kaopectate (over the counter) in small amounts. It has seemed to help my Atticus in the past, who sometimes produces very loose stool and diarreha. Also I have heard that giving kitties some plain low fat yogart will help them replace good bacteria they can lose will having diarreha.

Please consult your vet about these things first and see if they would advise this for your kitty.
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I would not use Kaopectate. It used to be considered safe but AFAIK it is no longer recommended.



Has he been checked for coccidia and giardia?
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my vet advised me as long as its only for that reason ( the runs) that you can use 1/4 teaspoon of Pepto ( regular strength/childs) mixed with a bit of water in a baby syrigne so you can get it into them easier. Works really well too!
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Hmm that's odd that the rice is not doing anything. What kind of food have you been feeding? Perhaps he's allergic to chicken or rice?
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I feel like a pain here, but I wouldn't do the Pepto either. Like Kaopectate, it contains aspirin.


Edit: to Liza's credit, Children's Pepto Bismol does not contain aspirin. But it says that the unlike the adult version, the kid's version doesn't treat diarrhea.

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try this website!


If Not Nature...Although common sense says that adding a stool-softening laxative to your cat's food will keep the bowels moving, a bulk-forming laxative such as Metamucil seems to have a normalizing effect on cats with diarrhea. If your cat's stools are still a little soft during or after a couple of days of the "quiet diet," try adding about a half-teaspoon of the Metamucil laxative to each of her meals for a day or two.
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My vet recommended this not so long ago and it did help. We did not use any large doses of Kao.

However, I am glad you posted the information about the Kao. Definitely important stuff. I will be sure to point this out and ask the vet if ever suggested to use this again.
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Is he a new kitten, or is he a kitten of a cat you already had? My little guy had the runs for a couple of weeks b/c of the food change (pet store vs what I fed him). I did a gradual change with the food, but he still had a hard time.
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Did they check his stool for parasites other than worms? cocida can cause diahrea. I have a 10 week old kitten that had that and had to be on medication for 9 days.
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