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Playing or Be Concerned?

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Tonight I saw Greta doing something I have not seen her do before with my new kitten Misty. They where chasing each other around playing, when Greta got a hold on Misty with her front legs wrapped around Misty's upper body and her head buried in Misty's neck. It appeared as if she was biting Misty in the throat but Misty to not react as if in any pain and there was no sign she broke the skin.

It looked very aggressive but Misty did not seem afraid of her afterward so I don't know if it was just aggressive play or something more.

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.
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This pose is usually accompanied by a rabbit kick with the back legs. I'm surprised Greta wasn't doing that also. This is usually how mine play with each other. If one of them didn't like it, they'd let out a very loud cry then run away.

So my vote: perfectly normal cat behavior.
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Thanks for the reply. They did go back to playing with each other after this happened.

I have noticed in the last couple days Greta has gotten a little more agressive when playing with Misty. She out weighs her by about twice as much so she has the advantage there. Misty is more agile so she can outmaneuver Greta when she wants to.

It may just be that they are getting more comfortable being around each other. They have only been together one week. Overall the introduction went far better than I could have hoped.
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The ones that play like this in my house are usually pretty close friends. If Greta and Misty have only been together a week and are already playing like this, sounds like that will be very good friends!!
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