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salivary gland infection - rat

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My 6 month old rat Stan was diagnosed with a salivary gland infection 2 weeks ago he has been on antibiotic twice daily and he has been mostly ok with it and seemed to be improving up until Thursday evening when he started screaming and panicking when picked up. Today he is still the same and flinches at the slightest sound. He just hides in his box or huddles in the corner of the cage he doesn't want to be touched. I don't want to force the medicine on him, the stress may make him sicker. And of course there are no vets open on the weekend.

Has anyone had a rat with salivary gland infection and is this normal behavior? (I doubt that it is)

Thanks for reading.
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No Diane no experience with Rats but I had one years ago, and all I can say is it was very painful and I don't know if it would be the same in the Rats..I feel Sorry for that baby hope it feels better fast
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The poor baby! I've never really heard of a salivary gland infection in rats, so don't know anything about that. Is your baby food motivated at all? I had one girl I could mix meds into baby food for. I've heard of people squirting them into bread and all kinds of other things, too.
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Thanks for the replies.


Sorry for the delay in replying.

I took Stan to the vet on Monday and it seems hes has a bacterial skin infection In just a day he had sores all over, that look so painful.

He will have to be on Baytril for a month, twice a day and has to go back for a re-check before he can go off the meds.

At least for now he is taking his meds without a problem.
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Wow, poor little rat! I hope he gets well soon! My Oreo was on Baytril before she died (probable pituitary tumor), and when I told the vet about how excited she got about it (and how Mischief would try to fight to get to it first!), she said they had given me a mix they got in for cats that was chicken flavored, lol. It was sooo nice compared to the first time I ever gave them meds!
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Thanks! Actually the Baytril he has has banana flavoring in it but he doesn't like it much. Neither did my RB rat Rosie, she had to have it after she had a tumor removed.

Stan looks just like your rattie Smudge.
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