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KMR for11 week purebred kitten.

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Yesterday I got a 11 week old somali kitten frm a breeder in Iowa, hes a little on the small side and I'm wondering if KMR might be a good snack for him between EVO wet and EVO/orijen dry mix.
I understand this mik is used to help abandoned babys who are still nursing but can it be used to bulk up or help growth in smaller kittens?.
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KMR is designed for UP TO 8 weeks ... Only a vet can say if he needs extra and likely it would be something like nutri cal ...
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Okay. Didnt know that, yeah hes healthy just smaller then usal but then so was Bindi and hes doing great. nextsize up from the runt, wich was a litte girl. VERY loving personaly and I might be abe to teach him how to do a paw shake!. Dont like to be picked up for any reason though.
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The new kitten was next sze up from the runt, Bindi in his litter I think was one of the larger ones.
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All three of the kitties you see in my sig got quite a bit of KMR when they were young. Sinbad was a half-Himalayan kitty who for some reason was the runt of the litter, 2/3 the size of her littermates, when I adopted her when she was about six weeks old. I gave her KMR for at least a month after that, probably closer to two months, and she went from a tiny kitten to being nearly a yard long and weighing close to 15 lbs most of her adult life. Tiger was a thin feral kitten about six weeks old and needed the extra nutrition. Frosty was abandoned by a bike trail when she was about ten days old and got round the clock feedings of KMR. I'd guess they all had some KMR till they were at least ten weeks old, maybe 12 weeks, and I wouldn't hesitate to give it to an older kitten. It's been years since I looked at a can, but my recollection was that it was also recommended for sick and nursing cats, so I don't think it could hurt an undersized kitten.

Here's a web page I just found on a cat who's been on a liquid diet for life:


Apparently it's KMR he's on, since his owner is in a program the company has and sends them UPCs to get free formula. That kitty is five years old now.
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Okay, I'll I try a sample if they have it Hes 11 weeks and about the size of Bindi at 8 weeks, Bindi was a small cat so I was wondering, fur makes this kid look bigger but with fur hes abut a few inches bigger then my feet when curled up sleeping. 13 inches, I have big feet About a foot tall, his head fits in the palm of my hand, ears are HUGE.
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I just visited that webpage and what an amazing story!!!! Those people must really love him to give him so much.
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yeah, when I was first reading it I honestly thought it would be better to humanely put him to sleep, all that expensce and the unknown future, but then in the end he lives and I find that incredabe I'm glad they helped so much .
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No need to give KMR. Just the high quality kitten food. Might want to give some extra boiled chicken breast (shredded) as a treat or add in with the regular food.

Somali's are not that big of a cat. I'm sure he will catch up soon in growing.

BTW what did you name him? Need to see pictures too
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