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Post your cat stuff!

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So I'm doing the dishes and happen to look over at Mitties' personal table of meds/food/etc. I've just realized it looks like a shelf at Petsmart! Pretty sad when I have a whole table devoted to my cat.... and that doesn't include the water fountain and a couple other items.... Now I know I'm not the only one with a Petsmart shelf in my house.... c'mon... let's see your stuff!

And now here's Mitties showing off how content she is because of all this stuff:

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lol.. MINE is in two kitchen cabinetsand the fridge ( dog has her own drawer ) ,... on the shelf in the bathroom and all overr my room...In my defense I have a cat , three fish tanks and a dog with issues
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LOL I knew mine was minor compared to some of you guys with more than one kitty... especially you showers out there! I'm sure you have a whole "tack room" of stuff for that!
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I have five cats and one dog...they have one whole cupboard, half of under the kitchen sink, and part of the basement for their food, treats, meds, flea stuff, etc.....I don't think I could get everthing in one place. Oh, and one of the door shelves in the fridge, too.
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right now, i have 22 5.5oz cans of wet, 4 kitten wet, 4 FF wet [bought to tempt Java, didn't work ], a 1/2 gone package of salmon [which DID work ], 2 cartons of formula, 1 half used, 5 cans of meat baby food [used for Firefox's mix, plus used to administer Pixel's lysine], 1/2 bag dry [need to buy some more!], plus various leftover meds, since no one is on meds right now. oh, & a bottle of special shampoo & a bottle of spray for Firefox's skin condition.
some are on the counter, some in the fridge, some in the bathroom.
oh, and a treat container in the cabinet!
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In my defense, I just went shopping, and like to stock up all at once so I don't need to go all the time...
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Oh my. That's all I can say. Maybe I'll take a picture, or 2, or 3...later.
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Don't have much in way of stock i guess..

i do have part of a cupboard in the kitchen with some of the wet cat food, treats and wet dog food & chews.. a plastic bin which i keep the dry cat food in and in the front hall a big plastic bin for the dog food.

now if we move more into actual pet stuff, well their are dogs toys, cat toys and even a big ol cat tree in the living room not to mention bowls everywhere
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I won't even get into all the stuff they have at the shelter..... a whole room of dog food, cat food, cat litter..... the med room which is HUGE and has everything a hospital would have.... the kitchen which is full of wet food, dog treats, peanut butter, chews, toys..... and then there's the basement... yikes! It's like a Petsmart/Animal Hospital in one place! And we only have 18 dogs and 40 cats... I'd hate to see what a bigger shelter stocks!
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I'll have to take some pictures later. Right now, we're in the process of building a larger living area for us in our basement, so stuff is mainly in boxes and containers. I have one large rubbermaid tub, one old tidy cats litter bucket, and two old horse supplement buckets FILLED with just the samples I've received so far!! I also have a box that's got extra collars, thermometer, scale, notebook, medical records, extra towels for kitten beds, cotton balls and q-tips, my German Shepherd's hip medicine, Brewer's yeast supplements, and probably some other stuff that I can't think of. Yet another cardboard box has a large bag of dog sweaters (for winter for the small dog) and extra collars/leashes, any other medications and supplements, and ear cleaner, KMR etc. Once we've got this finished in the basement (next week or two), I'll have a cabinet and a few shelves specifically for the animals.
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OMG! I just want to rub my face in that belly!!


Originally Posted by TickyTat View Post
And now here's Mitties showing off how content she is because of all this stuff:

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Originally Posted by Devlyn View Post
OMG! I just want to rub my face in that belly!!


I do all the time!
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Awww, cute kitty!

I can't say that I have a lot of kitty stuff...we always keep a bag of kitty food in the kitchen, and we've got toy mice in the living room for when one of them comes in the house. I used to have some toys outside, but the kitties took them into the yard...and the toys ended up having a not-so-friendly meeting with the lawnmower...
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Mitties is so cute!

My kitties have their own 1/2 of a wall cabinet filled with various canned foods. They have the bottom shelf of the other side of that same cabinet for their bowls. A large rolling storage bin (holds 20# bag of food if I buy one that big). They use that as a step to get up to the counter. We also have some supplements on the kitchen counter. And a bunch of bottles of treats on an end table.
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I have kitty stuff all over the house...
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