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Esper's On Heat....What do I do???

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Here's the situation....at 5:30pm....I've just noticed really odd things from Esper and wondered what it was. She wa purring a lot...meowing....a weird purr-growl noise...even trilling lots....

5:45pm and I spot Russell trying to mount her. Realization sets in...Esper is on heat....

I spend the next half hour keeping both kitties occupied while remembering to feed them.....

Russell has had his operation. But what do I do with Esper??? Are there any extra needs that she might need? She's an indoor cat and there is no way she is heading outside. Do I need to keep them separated? I don't want to do that. They love each other's company and they don't like being separated. (Yes....I can see the problem with the sentence but hey , I don't know how else to say it ).

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And...I'm not panicking....just all worried like a mother hen.....
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I have an unspayed female and a neutered male. She gets very isisitent and sometime he "obliges" her. I asked the vet, and he said no harm could come to either one of them, and of course, no kittens. My male had reached maturity before he was neutered, and still has the urge and ability when the female is in heat. The male that I had that passed away was neutered very young, and had absolutely no interest in her. She had health problems when I got her, and could not be spayed, but hopefully will be soon. She has never been outside, either, so that is not a concern for me either. It can get nerve racking, but oh, well!
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Since Russell has already been neutered you don't need to keep him away from Esper. The best thing to do for Esper is to make an appointment to have her spayed ASAP.

If there are any toms in your area they might sense that Esper is in heat and call to her from outside which will make her very likely to try to escape if she has the opportunity.
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She could come into heat every 2 weeks and that means alot of missed sleep on your part. She can also become ill from going into heat too many times without concieving. I would get her spayed as soon as possible. She will be less likley to get some types of cancer if she is spayed too.
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I vote for spaying as well. Females in heat are miserable and they don't like it anymore than we like seeing them that way. Get her spayed today and ease her discomfort, prolong her life. She gets outside, she is a prime target for an aggressive feral to get her. Her inner drive right now is telling her she needs to be outside.
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Yup yup...I've made the appointment to get her spayed ASAP....27th of December....would be sooner but the Christmas holidays throw things a bit...*sigh*

So far, Russell has tried but doesn't get anywhere....don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for the poor guy. And Esper....I just feel sorry for her. So I play with her a lot more and sudden;y the house is full of more cat toys....they multiplied....they're not the Christmas pressies I swear.....they just popped out overnight.

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Thank you for doing the responsible thing. Until that time, just keep her inside. Feliway spray may calm her down, or Rescue Remedy in her water.
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