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Stray kitten with hole in neck.

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a stray cat had kittens outside my house 5 weeks ago. They have been living in a dog crate since then.
Today I noticed that one of the kittens has a perfect little hole in his neck. I looked it up online, and am assuming it is probably a warble. Does anyone have any experience with this? Will the larvae come out on it's own? The kittens live outside and now this baby has a huge potential for infection.
These are all strays, and I really can't afford to get this kitten treated. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to help the kitten, or would it be more humane to have the local humane society put him down?
Thanks in advance.
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Thank you for taking care of them.
No need to put the kitten down. I've never seen one, but there are several threads on here about others who have dealt with it this year.

Go to the toolbar at the top of the page and search for bot fly. I tried to link them directly for you, but I obviously flunked that skill. Sorry.
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By warble, do you mean some sort of bot fly? Honestly just the thought of those really grosses me, and I'm one of those people that aren't grossed out easily.

If you can't afford to treat them, turn them over to a local shelter that can. Since one kitten has it, it may be possible that the others do too or are at risk. If the larvae is still in there in needs to be removed soon by someone experienced in doing so. Waiting will not help.
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Mom of 4 - I will check out those threads now, thankyou very much.

strange_wings - Yes, I mean bot fly.
Our local shelter will not keep the kittens, they'll only put them down. They most certainly will not treat them. I've called all the vets and none will even offer a discount on treatment. My city is a bad place for stray or sick animals.

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ok well, i dont know if this would work or be ok for this little kitten.....but it may be worth a try.

I know someone who had found a bunny around her house with the same type of thing, but it was on the top of the bunny's head. What she did to get rid of them was, she took some Hydrogen Peroxide and poured little bits at a time into the whole and pushed lightly on the hole until the larvae came out. Now there was a lot in this bunny's head so she kept doing that until they were all pretty much out. Then after she was done, she put some Bluecoat around it. That hole healed up on that bunny in days and the bunny was fine.

Like i said i dont know if you should do this to the kitten, maybe call the vet and see if it is ok for you to use hydrogen peroxide and Bluecoat on the kitten and if they give you the go ahead i would do it.

Good luck and thanks for taking care and concern for these little kitties.
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Undiluted hydrogen peroxide burns tissue. Please at least try calling a vet. Unless you know what you are doing, I would advise against trying to treat this kitten yourself.
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Never squeeze a warble larva or attempt to remove it yourself unless you are certain you aren't going to smoosh it. When crushed, the resulting fluids can send the cat into anaphylactic shock.
The vet will enlarge the hole and remove the larva, then flush the hole with an antiseptic. He will give the kitten an antibiotic to top it off.
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I just saw your thread. i had a kitten that was born outside. I took her to my local shelter where they have low cost vet care because she had a hole in her neck. They cleaned it out and eventually it went away. Now he lives in my house. It may be a butt fly or something. i would try and clean it with some antiseptic if you cannot take it to the vet. Hope this helps.
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