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Message to all from Bodlover!

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Hi guys!!!!!! Just to let you know that unfortuntely I have been busted at
work for how much time I spend on the net!!! *GASP*!!! (They noted that I
visited TCS 8000 times in one month!!! hahahaha!! Oooops!!! ) At the
moment I'm not allowed on the net AT ALL at work, but this is only for a
little while, soon I'll be able to come back on, but my time will be
restricted to one hour a day (woohooo ) but don't fret, I will
be back soon
I do have the net at home but I get charged by the minute so at the mo I'm
not using it too much!! haha - plus we are going on holiday tonight/very
early in the morn so I haven't really had time to check in from home - had
the all the furries to sort out, and try and pack without zipping a cat up
in the luggage!! :laughing:

Well, I should be back with you all on the 2 Jan 2003 - SO FAR AWAY!!!
:sob: I really miss coming here every day and yapping with everyone, and
I'm soooo bored at work!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday time and New Year, and may I be
able to spend as much time here in 2003 as I have done in 2002!! :LOL: See
you all soon!!!!!

Lots of Love to you all,

Rhea (Bodlover)
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Aw poor Bod, I knew she'd get told off for spending so much time spamming

Wish her a Merry Christmas for me
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That's really too bad but it was bound to happen eventually.

I have a really strange question. What would happen if someone sent Rhea some of those CDs from AOL that allow a certain amount of free internet access to use at home??? Would she be able to get temporary internet access that way???
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She could but AOL are blood sucking parasites that won't stop tormenting if you leave them (I used it for one day in order to get my mail then I cancelled it, OMG they never let it drop)

There's alot of decent ISPs about and Bod would be better off subscribing to a DSL based account.

ADSL Guide for the UK is a fantastic website for all your ISP information
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Here, in the US, we now have pre-paid Internet service. It works the same way as pre-paid phone cards. Is there anything like this, in the UK?

Personally, I've got a great setup, through my cable company. I pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited access. Since its broadband, I don't need a phone line. I paid $50.00 for a cable modem and a setup fee.
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I pay £23 a month and get unlimited broadband excess, no call charges. the service is superb and I refuse to tell anyone else who it because they'd all subscribe and steal MY bandwidth, lol.
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Thinking about it, I don't think there are any by the minute or limited minute plans here in my area. We've been on cable or DSL for years, but I swear all the dial up ads that I see are for unlimited minutes.
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katl8e- how much is the monthly flat rate you pay? I'm currently on AOL Free Hours.
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Rhea - WE MISS YOU! But DANG girl - busted!!!!

Don't Go Girl! Don't GO!

We've been stuck on analog lines out here in the never-never-land of Northwestern New Jersey. FORTUNATELY we had a phone problem the other day and the lines went down. We called to let them know, and of course, asked YET AGAIN when we were going to get DSL - and IT'S COMING!!!! I think in January we'll be able to get it.

Good-bye 28800 bps!!!

(Now you know why I can only visit threads with pics when I have lots of time!!! LOL!)
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Coming to Bod's defence a bit on this, I'm sure her IT person tracks how many times a website is called up. So, every time she opened a thread, it was one visit. If she posted to a thread, it was probably 3 visits. So, although it still averages out to over 300 clicks per work day (I'm sure I'm right there, too!), it really isn't that bad. Well, not bad for those of us with a serious addiction problem...
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Ryan, I'm paying $29.95 per month. As I said, I've unlimited access and Cox Cable is very good about customer service. I've been online, since January and the server has gone down only once, for a couple of hours.
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Oh Rhea! Come back to us very soon!!!! We miss you!!!!! I hope you have a great holiday season.
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