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Mischief would be interested for a minute, then decide to watch the birds instead....but Blondie Rumpleteaser, my normally "can't keep her quiet" chatterbox, sat silently for almost 30 minutes watching the grasshopper on the top of that post, going about his grasshopper'ing.

Yes, Skimbleshanks the Hobo is still trying to catch a hummingbird at the window

"Humblerbird!!! Daddy, come open some window!"

"Nyaaa nyaaa! Here, kitty kitty..."
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Awww, sweet photos! I loooove the last one of the hummingbird!! Great shot!
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Arrrrrr! I love the pics i really like the one with the hummingbird he is staring so intently
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Awww I bet Mr. Hobo wouldn't know what to do with that hummingbird if he could get out, anyway.
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The Hobo finally realized that he wasn't getting through the window to get at the hummingbirds, so he retired to his shelf on the other side of the kitchen. But he continued to keep a close eye on the happenings at the birdfeeder.

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Wonderful hummingbird shot!

Pushkin caught himself a big juicy grasshopper the other day. Apparently they make tasty cat treats.
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great humming bird shot, i have been trying all summer, but have not gotten one humming bird pic yet that i liked.
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Look at all those cuties, and that humming bird shot is just amazing U have such cuties tho
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awwww bird-watching the great kitty pastime

I wish we had hummingbirds - what beautiful delicate creatures they are
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They certainly have lots to keep them occupied!
I can`t believe you have hummingbirds outside your window. Very cool
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Mike I am impressed by your photography! Catching that bird in mid flight & the grasshopper!

PS.... if your ever tired of that sweet handsome Hobo, feel free to put him on a train car to Philly, I'd pick him up in no time....
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Great pics Mike Amazing pic of the Hummingbird, I wonder if he knows he's torturing the cats
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Those are great! Cats even when doing nothing can be so entertaining to us humans
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
Mike I am impressed by your photography! Catching that bird in mid flight & the grasshopper!
Oh my I only just saw the grasshopper!!! Wow, that IS impressive photography!!
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