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Is this a sign of nesting???

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This pregnant kitty REALLY likes our bed, we try to encourage her to sleep in the other room in one of the many places we've set aside for her, but she just comes right back in here and jumps up on the bed.

Just now she was kneading her front paws into the comfortor, and I got kinda nervous.

Is that a sign of nesting???

Besides the laundry factor... lol, are there any other drawbacks to having her give birth on the bed if that's her choice?

I want to get her into liking somewhere else but don't quite know how.
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I don't think jumping on the bed or neading would be a sign of nesting. Some cats like neading. I don't think it will be a good idea leting her have them there though. They can't stay there and will have to be moved so the less they are moved the better and if she has them while you are sleeping you could roll on one, it just isn't the safest place to allow her to have them at.
If you can't get her to like some of the nesting boxes or places you have given her, I would use a large dog crate and set it up for her, it may take her a while to get used to it, just try putting it in a quiet dim place so she can feel safe. she may not like it but try getting her used to one now and try keeping a blanket over it and she should settle down, just leave her alone for a while there. I haven't read any other posts you may have posted so I don't know your cat at all, how far along do you think she is?Is it soon? is that why you feel she may be nesting on your bed?
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I'm not sure when she is due, but I feel like it must be close. The kittens are doing jumping jacks inside of her. I keep putting her in the second bedroom (which is connected to ours by a door) and she must be really clingy right now, because she'll only stay there for a couple of minutes, then push the door open and come back in here up on the bed.

I don't mind sharing the bed with her, but like you said, it's an inappropriate place for her to be planning on having her kittens. I've put blankets down in the closet in the second room and it's nice and dark and quiet and ideally that's where we want the kittens to be kept, but she never stays in there very long.

I feel bad keeping the door completely shut and not giving her the option of being in here, if that's where she's most comfortable during this uncomfy duration of pregnancy.... Maybe I'm looking too much into it, and when she's ready to have them, she'll go off and find her own comfy spot.
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In my opinion, when the time comes, she will not want to be out in the open, but under or behind something because that is the instinct she will have.
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In my experience when they get this clingy, they are trying to say it is getting close, and she would feel better to have her own space. I would suggest a large dog crate, and placing blankets inside and over it making it a warm den. If you do not have a large dog crate, try just a cardboard box. Momma will like the space and it will help keep in the warmth for the kittens. She will most likely only stay inside of it at first if you stay with her, and if she is very close to delivery, and is anything like some of my cats will plop out a kitten whereever I or my husband are, and that does mean anywhere, so we know to stay around the nest to help the Momma become more comfortable with their nest.
A nice den for her would be best and if you can continue giving her attention, it sounds like that is what she is wanting right now. The kneeding is just a sign of contentment, I haven't met a cat or kitten yet who couldn't kneed dough. I would say 2 weeks or less if you can feel kittens movement, it could be much closer. Best of luck.
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