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What Feline-ality is Your Cat??

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I just heard about this cat rescue on the news that matches cats to owners based on personality. They have determined 9 "feline-alities" (ie cat personalities). Here's the link to the different catagories:

Which do your cats fall under?

You can also go to to learn about their shelter.
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Isadora is probably a cross between the "private investigator" and "the executive".

Spotty is definately a "personal assistant" (in fact, she's laying on my forearms as we speak...makes typing kinda hard).
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Now that's cool!! I have the following--

Love Bug (Anna)
Party Animal (Booger)
Leader of the pack (Lil Bit)
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That's pretty cool, I think mine is a Secret Admirer/Sidekick... at times he's at my feet wherever I am (almost tripped over him when I turned from the kitchen counter today) yet when he doesn't want to be bothered, he's under the bed... which is where he is now... done for a while... he's a little mama's boy...
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Firefox is a 'party animal' but that's probably 'cause she's still a kitten
Pixel is a 'sidekick/secret admirer', Chip is a 'MVP', & Cable's an 'executive'. i think Java's an 'executive/sidekick'.

ETA: some of y'all have feline-alities i didn't even see in there! i only saw 6
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Jaffa is a love bug and Mosi is a cross between the executive and the personal assistant (he has his own to do list but likes to help me with my chores too. He's helping me with my typing right now).
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post

ETA: some of y'all have feline-alities i didn't even see in there! i only saw 6
Strange! There are nine on there (maybe there's something wrong with the way your computer is reading adobe files.
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Originally Posted by Isadora44 View Post
Strange! There are nine on there (maybe there's something wrong with the way your computer is reading adobe files.
i enlarged it to read it, & only the 1st 2 columns showed up. when i went back, i saw the 3rd column. i'm revising Java - she's now a 'lovebug/sidekick' - she loves EVERYBODY! i call her my 'slut' kitty - anyone who walks in my door MUST pet her!
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
i enlarged it to read it, & only the 1st 2 columns showed up. when i went back, i saw the 3rd column. i'm revising Java - she's now a 'lovebug/sidekick' - she loves EVERYBODY! i call her my 'slut' kitty - anyone who walks in my door MUST pet her!

hahahahah!!! I thought about that, but didn't want to say anything
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Charlie definetly the Leader of the Pack/Party Animal with a bit of exective/personal assistant thrown in.

Ling - she doesn't fit any cause she's "Miss Priss".....
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I have 13 cats and can honestly say that I have all 9 personalities in my household! That was pretty funny - they even used some terms that I use with mine (one of mine is actually knick-named "the love bug").
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I would have to say that my girl Frosty is the Party Animal and my other girl Mischief is the Secret Admirer ..... total opposites as always.
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Luna is a Sidekick. She used to be more of a Secret Admirer, but she's been getting more social lately.

And Sherman Grey (my NEW baby) well...he's a kitten so I would say Party Animal! I guess time will tell...=)
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Very cute.

Sho's a love bug to me, but oddly likes to play at being DH's personal assistant. He's quite certain that DH would just not be happy without being climbed all over when at the computer. He even 'helps' DH scroll down the pages.

Tomas is a bit of MVP, side kick, and party animal.
The line " I can make a toy out of anything: pencils, post-it-notes, potatoes" is about right for him... he opened the potato bin the other night and stole one out to play with.
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Stoli is the exectutive
Luxor is the sidekick
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Those are cute! I think "sidekick" best describes Jamie.
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Those are wonderful! Thanks for posting the link!

Sinbad - Leader of the Pack / Personal Assistant / Love Bug / Party Animal

Tiger - Party Animal / Personal Assistant / Love Bug

Frosty - Party Animal / Sidekick / Secret Admirer (now more Love Bug than Secret Admirer since Tiger and Sinbad are at Rainbow Bridge, the parrot won't cuddle, and she needs even more human attention)
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Lily has multiple affectionate knick-names, because she is just that, affectionate and fun-loving. She is often called "little lily-bear", or "my little piece of sugar pie." She makes a great assistant as she can always be found laying on my books and papers for school.

On the other hand, Mr. Thomas Kittens is quite the executive with a never-ending desire to be pet. He is very demanding for whatever he wants and also sneaks onto or into wherever he's not supposed to be in order to get whatever he's thinking about. We have to keep an eye out for this guy....he's even knocked over the kitchen trash!

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Very cool! Here's how I'd classify our six:

Dylan -- MVP
Dylan is the self-appointed protector of the household, always watching out for threats of any kind and alerting his humans when something seems amiss. He also has some Lovebug in him, though... especially where Grandma is concerned.

Sassy -- Lovebug
She lives for snuggles and scritches! Just extend a hand in her direction, and she'll hurry over to shove her head up into your palm. What a doll!

Clyde -- Sidekick
Lots of lovebug in him, too, but mostly he just likes to be close by, observing every move I make. And even his affection is generally pragmatic: Okay, he says, are you going to hold still for awhile now? If so, I'd like to curl up around your leg. But if you get twitchy, I'll take my affections elsewhere...

Pearl -- Personal Assistant
I don't know how I rate such attention, but Pearl is right beside me virtually all the time, checking out my meals, adding her own comments to my emails, knocking things out of my way when I'm doing my makeup, and purring me to sleep at night. Lots of Lovebug in her, too.

Abby -- Secret Admirer
She's a former feral, mother of my Clydie, who came home as a foster because she needed socializing. Three years later, it's clear that she will never become adoptable... so she's our girl. She lives in a room away from the other cats and adores my parents, but still jumps and runs if she thinks someone might be thinking of picking her up. Poor little scaredykitty.

St. John -- Party Animal
He will be a year old in ten days, and I think as he continues to mature, he will become a perfect Sidekick... but for the most part, he's still running and playing until he can't keep his eyes open anymore, then curling up with Grandma to sleep for hours on end. He's my mom's special love, and has completely changed her life.

We have a nice assortment, don't we?
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Oh goodness-none of mine are strictly one personality! I'd say one of them is a PI, one is a leader, two are mostly lovebugs, and a little bit party animal, the rest are a mix of "lovebug/party animal/personal assistant"
They are all bengals, btw.
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Let's see...

Spock would have to be a combination of MVP and Sidekick.

Buddy is a combination of love bug and personal assistant...he always jumps into my mom's or my lap when we're on the computer or something! And he loves getting on the bed when someone's trying to make it.

Patrick is the executive (he has to get into EVERYTHING) and and a party animal. He's by far the funniest of the adult cats.

Pete is the secret admirer, I suppose. He's not the biggest fan of affection, but he lets me pet him.

Andy...he's a kitten, but I'll still try to classify him, lol. He's probably the side-kick and most definitely the party animal.

I don't think I can classify Spocky's babies b/c they're only 5 weeks old!
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I think Princess is a Private Investigator/Secret Admirer
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Midnight is definitely my sidekick.
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Spooky Bear - Private Investigator/Party Animal
Tabitha - Love Bug/Personal Assistant
Spike - The Executive/Party Animal with a bit of Personal Assistant
Leo - Sidekick

And for the kittens we've still got (although their personalities may change):

Garfield - Love Bug/Party Animal
Captain Squishy - Love Bug/Personal Assistant/Party Animal/Leader of the Band... he's got the biggest personality of them all!
Domino - Love Bug/Personal Assistant with just a bit of Party Animal
Izzy - Sidekick
Rosie - Sidekick/Party Animal
Skittles - Leader of the Band/Personal Assistant
Lt. Bear - The Executive/Love Bug

Of course, the tiny kittens are still too young to figure out their feline-alities yet!
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Zissou is an MVP or a Sidekick. Depends on how well we're getting along.
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My RB cat Sphinx was definitely 'Leader of the Pack' with some of 'The Executive' for added measure.
Kuce is now "Leader of the Pack with some 'Executive' and 'Love bug' added in.
Luvbug is definetley "love bug' .
Lil' Jag is the "Party Animal" but she has 'Leader of the Pack' Potential.
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I'd say that Reeses is the Executive with a slight dash of Party Animal. She is always checking stuff out and getting into things, and she has times where she pretty much plays with anything...that she's not supposed to
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Lets see...

Gizmo = MVP
Egore = Love Bug
Frostie - Secret Admirer
Bob = Sidekick / Party Animal
Penelope = Secret Admirer
Uno = Personal Assistant
Button = Love Bug toward my daughter and a Secret Admirer to us
Moochie = Private Investigator
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I'd say Parrot is the Party Animal. That line "I can make a toy out of anything" is literally true for him. Feet, clothes, books, string, his tail... doesn't matter.

Shinobi is the Love Bug. Constantly purring and in my lap, crawling all over me, it gets to be irritating at times, she's -always- around.
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