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Originally Posted by mschauer View Post
Personally I find using the results of 10 studies to be quite suffient to use in reaching a conclusion.
10 studies of how many dogs and what controls ... see only 10 % of dogs have food allergies and of the independant studies( ie not paid for by a food company)... 75% of dogs with allergies are allergic to corn , wheat and beef .... thou newer ones show soy lamb and chicken and potato on the rise .... There are NOT any conclusive cat studies that I have found other than a few holistic minded sites... there data is simliar but cats are less likely to have a corn or beef instead it is fish , wheat and dairy...
Oh and food allergies also seem to have a regional connection..My vet see s more corn and wheat allergies..thou the next town see more beef and chicken . Yes I have studied this ALOT but only cause I wanted my girls happy and healthy
I also try to look at only independent info as that is LESS likely to be swayed ( not fool proof but closer
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
A conclusion reached by a manufacturer that skews the statistics to support promotion of their own brand of products. (As would any given company.)

Yeah...that really isn't objective enough for me, personally.
I wouldn't just accept what I read on a manufacturer sites either. But the information on that site pertaining to digestive issues supports what I have read elsewhere including in this forum. It just does a better job of explaining the reasons for using probiotic supplements than what I have gotten from elsewhere.
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It helps to think of probiotics as you would about humans eating yogurt. They're both just nice additions to the diet, because they help digestion. So you don't need to have digestion problems or a poor diet to consume them. They're healthy additions to the diet and can only help... so they're added to cat food for the same reason as vitamins, minerals and other supplements.
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