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I Have Had It Up To Here!!!

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What do I do???
It's almost 4 am and I have spent the last 4 hours grabbing Miko from various parts of the apartment and telling him NO!

I fixed my window issue (in the ESCAPE!! Thread). Took my window apart completely cleaned it all up and then put back together. I then had to fiddle with it forever before i could get it close and lock properly. I'm calling the landlord on Monday to have her come in a fix the window for sure, cause I am NOT spending an hour everytime i leave the room closing and locking the damn thing.

NOW, he is breaking things, scratching things, jumping around like a wild cat!! He was NEVER like this. Miko was my cuddly baby, that suckles my blanket and sleeps next to me. But now he is a monster!!

I don't want to lock him in the bathroom, but I have to get some sleep!!

What on earth am I supposed to do. I feel bad for Cleo because he is being so good but is stuck having to deal with monster miko.

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I totally understand your frustration, at the same time, allow me to suggest understanding his frustrations....... He is acting out pent up energy and it happens to be every and all things/actions that get your attention! This is not coincidental...... when he is causing a disturbance or doing something unexpected and negative, it is to provoke and/or stimulate that necessary interactive exercise/interaction that is instinctual for cats. Basically he is looking for attention, and even if it is negative at this point, it is attention. You need to give quality play time to him, atleast an hour or 2 or 3 of ridiculous play time in his best interest, toy mice, shoe laces, foil balls, it doesn't have to be all at once, 1 hr here, 1 there............. There is a desperation from his side to get your attention, so give it to him but not at his demand. Sorry half fini...
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He's probably upset because his escape route is now blocked and now has excess energy from frustration. And, yes he's trying to get attention. For now, the best thing to do is make sure nothing breakable is out, and go to bed and ignore him. Tomorrow, first thing, get a laser light. In my opinion that is the best investment for any cat owner, especially for one with a high energy cat. Mine will go crazy and chase that little red dot around for hours...and then crash for the rest of the night. And they are so funny when they are chasing it! They will love it, trust me!
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i found a really good laser light at Ace Hardware - it's a flashlight, really, but also has a laser. you don't have to hold down the button on it - the laser stays lit until you turn it off! much better than the ones 'marketed' as toys, IMO!
the flashlight was at the checkout counter - i was planning to buy a different one until i saw this one.
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i think you've been given allot of good advice already, but i totally understand your problem, my 11 month old cat run riot mainly at night jumping on the wardrobe, climbing up the door frames etc. We live in a flat so alfie often tries to escape out the window when its open which is a pain in the summer as we cant open it
I make sure before we go to bed he has had a long play to tire him out a bit also the climbing tree we got him helps allot, i'm just hoping he grows out of it as he gets older
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thanks to everyones advice, but i am already doing this. I give sooo much attention to him. play with him and his toys. and have the scratch marks to proove it hahaha. also i do have another cat and the two of them play with eachother. on top of that i have a roomate who also plays with him when i am not around.

If anything he gets more attention now that it is the summer and im not in class, than he has been getting all year.

I just don't see this as being a cry for attention since he clearly gets it.

I'm hoping he is just in a bad mood, and will be good again in the next few days...
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Having not read your other posts, I would ask is he neutered? If you are on a ground floor, and he is not fixed, the scents of males and females outside could be driving him to distraction. This could be why he tried to get out so desperately because it is still kitten season. Even if he has been neutered he can still react from instinct. This is common as it takes about 6 months after a neuter for all the testerone to leave a male kitten. If he isn't neutered, get him fixed quickly because his next step in this sort of behavior is to get aggressive.

I would suggest that you not get upset, frustrated or angry at him, grab at him or run at him (if this is indeed what you doing). Instead, invest in Feliway Spray and another product that helps calm cats down- Comfort Zone Room Diffuser. Spray the window frame liberally with Feliway both inside and outside. This serves two purposes, spraying inside will calm him down. Spraying outside will alleviate the scent markings I suspect might be out there. Once an outside cat sprays your screen, window door etc, other toms will come along and over-mark especially during this time of year. I have heard it termed appropriately as pee graffiti. You can find out if you home has been marked by buying a black light and shining it on the walls outside when it is pitch black. Cat pee is bright yellow or green under this lighting. If you find such stains you need to remove them with a good enzyme cleaner to break down the odor. Zero-Odor is a godsend, so is Anti Icky Poo. Good luck~
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