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How to teach her what danger is?

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Singa and Soleil are like day and night. Singa is calm, gentle and fearful - Soleil is adventurous, beasty and fears nothing!.

I live on the 4th level and I thought I had made my apartment cat safe - I put a calf high fence around the balcony - and usually they both just sit behind it and look down. Soleil sometimes stands on her hind legs, but no danger there.

My windows are usually closed except when I am airing the place. The kitchen window is accessible from the countertop, all other widndows are flull length, but open only in waist height - so basically just the window frame to walk on, so I figured my cats arent stupid so they wouldn't try any stunts. This is true for Singa...

When Soleil learnt to climb the drawers to the kitchen counter, she once fell or jumped out the kitchen window. Luckily there is a small ledge at the bottom so she spent the night there - unhurt. But she didn't learn her lesson. Now after she has learnt to jump, we caught her balancing on the Windowledge of the kitchen window (roughlhy 4 fngers broad) - it is a sliding window so she was behind the window actually. Today she was balancing on one of the waist high open frames in the bedroom (roughly 2 fingers broad) - I managed to get her down without any accident - the fall could have hurt her. How can I teach her that it's dangerous????
I can't squirt water or scare her any other way, as I would risk her falling.

Singa never caused these problems. alone if I carried her towards the railing of the baclony, she would freak.

It's a rental place so I cant alter a lot. What can I do to a) protect this naughty monster and b) to teach her what danger is????
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Good heavens! You'll need grids over all those windows, grids you're absolutely certain the kitties cannot get through. And the balcony is not safe, either, not from a cat who likes to jump and thinks she can balance on narrow places. I wouldn't let them out there at all!

I really don't think you can teach cats "what danger is"... you just have to protect them from their own curiosity and enthusiasm.

I'm told there are adjustable grids intended for people with toddlers, but I don't know much about that, since I have no children... maybe someone will come along who can help.
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I agree fully with Carol. It is best just to keep her from those areas.

One of my cats is a little acrobat, so I have to keep him away from things that might hurt him by not letting him have access to them.
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