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Shes not due untill Aug.4

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Shadows not due untill Aug. 4 give or take a few but ifelt a little twitter in her belly and shes getting bigger by the day I'm worried about her giving birth to early and the kittens not being healthy,and I do have a place ready for her should I let her do it on her own? Should I be with her I'm really nervous the time she had babies she was about 10 months old and they died, If anyone has any advice or just something to calm my nerves please help me.
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I had a cat once that I thought was going to give birth for what seemed like forever. I had a birthing place ready for her 3 weeks before she actually gave birth. She ended up looking like a walking football, and when she laid down, it looked like she had a soccer match going on in her belly. She was fine, and only had two kittens. Some cats just show earlier and more than others. So, I wouldn't worry too much, but you should take her to the vet to make sure she's healthy and the kittens are healthy. Especially if her first litter died.

Please think about getting her spayed after this litter. Is your cat an indoor/outdoor cat? If so, she will have litter after litter if not spayed, and that is not good for her. It wears her out too much and can cause serious health problems.

But, good luck, and like I said, don't worry a lot. Make sure she has someplace quiet to go. If she wants you there, she will come and get you. I had another cat that did that...I put her in a quiet place in another room, but she kept running out to get me and I had to sit beside her the whole time. But, most prefer to be alone.
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she is an indoor cat who unfortunately was let out by my husbands friend. we were going to get her fixed and I lost my job and my husband is disabled so our money is tight right now there are programs here to fix for free thank god as soon as the kittens are weaned she will get fixed and i do have homes for the kittens as long as she only has 3 if more i will find homes somehow.
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I know, accidents can happen. I have one that we're saving up to get fixed. Unfortunately, I can't find a free spay program around here, unless we drive 3 hrs and that kind of defeats the purpose with the price of gas. It just sounds like they are developing fine. As long as she is still eating, drinking and using the litter box as usual she's fine. If she stops doing any of those things, you probably should take her to the vet. Towards the end, she will probably start getting uncomfortable and a little irritable (just like human mommies). That's normal. Just bear with her. Just stay calm and PM me if you want to.
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BTW, my Little One's official name is Shadow too!
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She is eating,drinking and using the potty fine and shes always been alittle crabby, she actually looks alot like the kitten you have for your picture shadow is a long haired calico and is spoiled rotten I do hope she has atleast one calico baby she mated with as far as i know a orange tabby and a black and white cat so I guess she could have any color of kittens. I will put a picture of her up as soon as I can.
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