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HELP! I received a Gift ...What Is it?

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This is really embarrassing folks! My sister-in-law
gave me a gift today. I have no idea what it is. I thought
maybe you guys could help me. I have been laughing
all day, wondering how I was going to write my
Thank You note...

So far my note says, "Dear Vicky, Thank you for the lovely
gift....I Love It! What is It?"

Ack! I need to's killing me! LOL! Thanks to
all who try.

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Maybe this is something that you just display somewhere in your home? I have no idea what it is.
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Is it a fancy cat fishing rod? You know, for dangling above a cats head so they can chase it?

Seriously, it looks like something that you over a curtain rod or something like that? I dont know, I have never seen anything like it before LOL
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Kim, To be honest...I have no idea! At first I thought it was a hair accessory but then I remembered that you have short that can't be it. Then I thought it might be a fancy coffee/tea stirrer thingie-ma-bob. LOL!! It definitely is a unique gift and something that is "one of a kind". My curiousity has gotten the best of me...I'm dying to find out what that it!
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The teapot could be a giveaway as to what it is.
Or is it a bookmark?
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Well - The "Rod" part of it is about 5 inches long...and the Bead part of it…well, it just dangles... LOL! As far as why there is a tea pot hanging on the end...I am officially bamboozled!

Kiwideus - my hubby said fancy cat toy, too. LOL! But this thing is made of Pewter. LOL!!

What a Mystery!

Of course, I may have to "Give In" and ask - You can all BET YOUR BIPPY'S that I'll be back in here to tell you what the heck it is! LOL. Hey, maybe I can get my hubby to "Play Dumb" and ask..after all, it's from HIS sister.

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The teapot on the end made me thing that maybe it is a tea stirrer and that little hook part is to hang over your teacup...but I don't think that would work... lol. An interesting gift, indeed.
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Whatever that thing is , it's exquisite. The designwork is beautiful . . . I don't believe that it's something you're supposed to stick in liquid. It looks like it was made to be displayed, though I can't say why. Are there any holes in the back where you could hang it up? I'm guessing that the back of it is flat; is the back hollow, also, or is it just a flat silver piece?
I definitely believe that the teapot is symbolic of its purpose. It's a kichen item, that's apparent. I also, for some reason, get the feeling that it might be part of a set of two or more.
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Dear god... I have no idea! But when you do find out, please let us know.
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I'm with Kiwideus; I think it's a bookmark. The rod goes in between the pages, the hook goes over the top, & the beads dangle down the spine. I'm guessing this b/c I've seen some bookmarks that were similar to this but didn't have the beads.

Of course, it seems certain that your cats will play w/ the beads, so maybe you could try to put them between the pages instead.

At any rate, it's absolutely gorgeous.
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It is a bookmark, those are lampwork beads and the teakettle is to remind you to drink tea and relax when you read a book. It is exquisite.
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OMG!!! I want one.

It's a bookmark....I have tonnes but not like that one....but that is a bookmark!!! A tea drinking friend of mine has one similiar...........oooooo......though her bf made hers.......

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What a wonderful group of people you all are!
Thank you for helping me figure this out....
A Bookmarker ! Who Knew!? LOL!! Kiwideus, Hissy, Sassyfras! THAT'S WHO!

You know, all of the guesses were great. As I would read each guess posted in here, I would go try to make it BE whatever we were calling it at the moment—lol—if that makes any sense!!

Look how pretty, it is... wow! I REALLY love it now
that I know what it is!

Everyone, Thank you !!!!!
post #14 of 29's beautiful!!

Can you ask your sister-in-law to send me a weird gift I can't figure out???? It beats plastic fruit anyday!!

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There ya go! That's what it is for, but I don't see a cup of tea nearby to relax you when you spaz out about Christmas gifts of unknown origin! LOL

Kim you are a delight! LOL
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It is absolutely beautiful!
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I just found out that my sister-in-law MADE this book marker!
Duh! I should have figured that part out at the very least, huh? She frequents "Bead Shows", makes necklaces and all kinds of jewelry... whew! I need to get a clue!

Hey Hissy—You are so kind. Ya know, I think I will take your advice and brew a big pot of Green Tea right before we open gifts Christmas morning...because if my hubby gives me another "Appliance" this year I will need somthing to remove that overwhelming "Freaked" feeling—LOL!

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I dont blame you on the appliance thing. While I love modern appliances, I told hubby NO kitchen appliances! He couldnt understand why I dont want a appliance for a gift (unless it is one of those espresso makers )

Another yummy tea - Celestial Seasonings 'Sleepytime' tea tastes really good and just perfect for before bed!
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I went snooping last night and found twelve cat books! Hubby never likes to wrap things until right at the end. LOL I am just amazed that he found 12 cat books I don't have! LOL
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My first response to the picture was :censor::censor::censor:? If you had posted a poll, I would have voted for bookmark. (I think I have been hanging out in Caption This too long.....All the world's problems can be solved by posting a poll...) It really is quite gorgeous. Chalk up another use for the internet, Kim. You have been saved from asking the embarrassing question!
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It is really pretty, I wonder where I could find something like it?
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Well, you could always e-mail my sister -n-law. LOL!! She sells a lot of her designs on eBay, too. Tell her Kim sent ya!

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Just don't tell her where you heard about her!
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What is her user name on ebay? I am very interested in buying her designs as gifts for family members
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What a strange looking bookmark! I've never seen a bookmark made of metal before, especially not one so finely crafted.
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Why do men think women want appliances as a Christmas gift or any time? When I want a appliance I buy it!I want thing's like.........Ring's!!! Not that I can;t buy that myself,but he spends more than I would!
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Kim, I obviously have no imagination as I never would have guessed bookmark in a million years. I was going to suggest you go ahead and send that thank you note! LOL!

...But it sure is beautiful!!! Thanks for the "in-use" pic - I still couldn't imagine it even once it had been identified.
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Cool thingamabob-er bookmark! Love it!
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Originally posted by hissy
I went snooping last night and found twelve cat books! Hubby never likes to wrap things until right at the end. LOL I am just amazed that he found 12 cat books I don't have! LOL
You were snooping?? Shame on you! :tounge2: But I'll never tell!

I had no idea what that thing was...I knew it was pretty, but beyond that, nothing! Now that I really is a great gift! Your sister-in-law is very talented!
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