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I have two cats, Miko and Cleo, both have been very good until...

... a few weeks ago miko started to try and escape from the house. I am in a basement apartment and they often sit up on the window ledge and look outside. Now at first this wasnt an issue, in my eyes there was no way of him getting out. And the one day he did get in the hallway he just ran back and forth scared out of his mind until i caught him. now he is too scared to go into the hallway

BUT then maybe a week ago I went to a friends place across the parking lot and on my way back found miko sitting on the sidewalk outside.
When i came home i found he had busted the screen on the window.
THEN two or three nights ago, after fixing the screen, I had ran out with friends to hang out for a while. I THOUGHT i had closed the window before i left but when i got back cleo was outside. Cleo the good one as i have been calling him recently just meowed and then ran inside when i opened the door. Cleo has been outside before (when he lived with his last owner and before i moved to the apartment) so he usually just goes outside, rolls in the dirt and then comes back in.
I let cleo in and then went to the apartment, Miko was nowhere to be found.
My friends and I searched around the neighbourhood for over an hour, no luck. we went inside for a bit and i kept getting up and looking out the window for him. eventually i got up and left the house again (now being 3am) to look for him. I felt so bad and needed to find him or i wasnt sleeping. Eventually i found him and brought him back in. this time he had broken the screen right off. and we cant seem to fix it.

THEN, last night. I left the window like two inches open. I was sitting on the couch and had seen him try to get out. It didnt seem as though he could fit. I got up and went to my room as my roomate was sitting on the couch still. My roomate went into the kitchen and when he came back. No Miko.

I went out looked around and then saw him grabbed him and brought him in.

I decided that obviously the window needs to stayed closed.

Well just my luck, he has somehow figured out how to open the window!!!!

I was in my room doing some homework just now and heard him scratching away at it, finished hwat i was doing and went to tell him to give up. when i went into the family room all i saw was his tail slither through the window.

I DONT KNOW HOW HE HAS DONE THIS!!! I didnt know he was hercules!!!


Right now Miko is locked in my bathroom because I have to finish my homework and can't watch him. I don't want to have to lock him up whenever I have things to do or go to work.

What do i do!!!
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Is your place rented? If so, check with your landlord before doing anything.

I would suggest getting a cat proof screen. I'm not sure what that is, apt. dwellers should be along to offer more help. Is there any way to install something like a baby latch on the window?

Since Miko wants out so bad, perhaps you can harness & leash train him...then take him out that way & see if that curbs his desire to escape?
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its not that he s scratching through the screen though, like he pushed it right out of the window, the WHOLE screen!!!

my window was broken which is why i couldnt lock it before, i spent the last two hours fixing it.

So now we just gotta watch him when we want the window open!

HOWEVER, now he has broken the blinds on the OTHER window trying to get up on that ledge.

I suppose i could try "walking" him and see if that helps.

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