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Switching to all wet with a fast & slow eater

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Fast eater-Fred
Slow eater-Ginger

We didn't realize how fast he eats until we start offering canned food. A 3oz can split 50/50, Fred inhaled his portion and would "push" his sister aside, who barely got started & polish her portion as well. For this reason I offer Fred 1/2 of the can and Ginger 1/4, then offer her the rest 30 or 45 miinutes later while I distract him. We call the second half "Ginger's private dinner". Both share 1 cup dry during the day.

Eventually I would like to switch them to all wet with some raw. Weekday mornings I simply do not have time for Ginger to have her private meal, which is why they are on 60/40 wet/dry. Any suggestions?
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When my parents had two cats and needed to give them their flea medicine (Program) mixed in food every month, they would separate them to make sure each got the right dose. One would be fed in the garage while the other would be closed into the bathroom. I would suggest doing something similar where they are fed in separate rooms. Have a time limit, and hopefully Ginger will learn she needs to eat more quickly. Also, you can try feeding them when you first get up so they can eat while you get ready.
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There's no real easy solution to that, other than referee duty or separation, like cloud_shade said. My 8 eat wet or raw only and I have to be a referee.

I have one cat who doesn't eat fast, but once she's finished, she's a shameless pig about any food remaining on other plates. Occasionally if she's being very pushy about it, I give her just a touch more (like a tsp) but I s-m-e-a-r it on the plate so she has to spend some time licking it up. I use that on another one who just needs to slow down for her own sake ().
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Thank you both for the suggestion. I tried separate feeding first, both cats were more interested in 'what's my brother/sister doing'. I then tried beandip's suggestion smear Fred's food all around his bowl; I add a little water to Ginger's food so it's easier to pick up. IT WORKS!!!! It was the first time for Ginger to finish before her brother.

Thanks again!!!!!
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I'm glad it worked. I swear every cat has a unique style when it comes to eating wet food.
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