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My weird little cat

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Lol, so the most important thing is that my little cat is ok but she did give me a scare! She was sitting on my lap and stretched her paw up and I saw blood on her claw. She's always had troubles getting her claws stuck in things. When she was a kitten she'd get caught on the carpet, body-slam herself down, and then wait patiently for one of us to come unstick her. So I thought she'd gotten stuck and ripped up a claw and was bleeding! Then I looked closer and saw that one very sharp claw had pierced the soft claw sheath of the toe next to it! I was shocked cause I've never even heard of a cat doing that! So we rushed her to the vet who looked at the written description on the chart, blinked, looked at the foot, raised an eyebrow and said, "Well, congratulations Teazer, you've officially done something I've never seen before!" So she got T to retract the claw, clipped the claws (we usually do that), cleaned it really well, gave us an antibiotic and pain killer. She said we found it before it got ruptured or infected and it's healing beautifully but the look on the vet's face was just kinda funny. Leave it to my weird little cat to come up with something the vet has never seen! But then again, we're the family who once had a dog who would dig a hole, get distracted, turn around and fall in the whole and sprain his leg! The whole family's like this! So she's ok but the whole thing was a little amusing in the end. Obviously, I'm glad she's ok but I do wish I had a picture of the look on the vet's face!
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That`s so wierd it`s funny (except if it hurt her)
I laughed out loud about the dog digging a hole and falling in it though!
Yesterday our kitten fell asleep laying on the window sill with it`s front leg up in the air.....it`s claw caught in the lace curtain....and he was just as comfortable as he could be.
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I glad your baby's ok. That is weird though. I bet you gave the vet something to talk about for a while!
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She sounds like she fits right in with your family...glad she's okay...I'm cracking up about your dog
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