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Could a friend have some vibes?

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One of our employees and dear friend is going to prison on the 27th.
Depsite his wrong doings and faults he is a very hard working, god fearing man.
He's been a role model and strength to my husband who's had his own trials, over the last year.
We will miss him dearly when he's gone for a year.
He asked us to hold on to his drawings and bibles which means a great deal to us that he trusts us with his most prized possesions. He has a gift of art that I haven't seen before.
He has given me permission to post these drawings.
I hope you enjoy and if you could, please send him some vibes and pray for him?

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Those are some great drawings. I hope he does fine!
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coming his way. I hope he doesn't have too difficult a time.
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Well he obviously has great Faith in God, I hope that can give him the strength to get through this
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Many vibes/prayers for your friend!!!

Those are some awesome drawings..he obviously has alot of faith in God...so that should help him thru that difficult time.
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May he find his way back to a life well lived.
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I hope your friend comes out of this ok and doesn't ever go through this again! I am sure that dispite making bad decissions he is a good person with a good family who will miss and love him. I wish him well and understand how you are feeling as well, I also have a friend that has just gone to prison in april for 2 years, so we miss him as well as his kids and family. I want to send you vibes as well it would have just been easier to turn away from him and feel he is going to prison and he is a bad person, but it takes a stronger person to look past that and say, no matter what had happened, he is a good person, and we are sticking by him! Good for you to do so, some people don't even have their families to think of them and pray for them
to your friend and his family and to you and your husband
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I hope that his time in prison is protected and sheltered by God!
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Sending many vibes for your friend!
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