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That was insane.. It wasn't really gross.. Just insane.. Uggh,, how scary is that, that a snake can do that..

uggghh I hate snakes!
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I couldn't look.
I read though the thread and new it would turn my stomach to watch it.

Oh well, snakes have to eat too!
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OMG, that's just not right! It's disgusting yet intriguing.
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That video got me mad!

The snake they were harassing at the start was the snake that ate the hippo (notice how big it's belly was)

It regurgitated the hippo because it was being severely stressed and hit by those people. Not only did the hippo die for nothing now, but the snake has no meal and who knows what they did to it after the camera stopped.

It was probably a baby hippo it ate a snake can eat one that size.
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Why would it eat something so big?? Weird....
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Snakes can go a long time between meals, they dont have to eat every day like we do. Once every 1-2 weeks probably. The larger the prey, the longer it will have a full stomach. Makes sense to me.
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