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stoli and luxor's ear fetish

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hi again, i got three cute pictures today...

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Aww, what absolute DARLINGS!! They're such cuddlebugs. Would you mind if I made a signature of the sweethearts with some of these photos? It's extremely tempting (but I thought I'd ask first).
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sure go right ahead, i love to see them in a sig!
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oh my gosh! They are so gorgeous!!

Now I REALLY want another cat......
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Oh my goodness!!!! They are so cute, I bet they brighten every day for you!
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I posted your sig in the Siggy Shower thread - just so you know.
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Those pictures are SO cute! What a couple of healthy looking beauties. Looks like they have such a rough life....
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They are so adorable.
That picture of him looking up at the camera is so cute!

Gracie and Lizzie used to do that to each others ears.
Now that Lizzie has gone to the RB Gracie tries to do that to Annabelle and Elliott, but they don't seem to share the "ear fetish"!
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Awww... look how big Luxor is getting! They are gorgeous!
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Such beautiful boys!

And they sleep in their cat bed! Riley won't even look at his, lol.
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Aww they're best friends!
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O my, that is just soo precious They are just soo gorgeous
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aww look at those two snuggling, melts your heart away for sure
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OMG! They are gorgeous! Stunning eyes too.
Maybe ears taste nice
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