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Getting a new cat

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Hello again

I have been in touch with a no kill shelter here, and am talking about adopting a deaf cat from them, he is a 4 month old part persian (white with blue eyes) and I will be teaching him sign language to help him.
I dont know which forum this belongs to but I would like some advice on what I can do to help this kitty adapt and to help Peedoodle and kitty to get to know each other, and I hope I can teach Peedoodle to be a good companion to that cat because he really needs a cat friend.
I already know sign language myself because I am deaf, and so it will be an advantage, but I want to know as much as I can to help this cat adapt if I do get it - he is still at the shelter, the man at the shelter said that he wasnt properly taken care of as he was owned by a man who was very sick and didnt spend any time with the cat, that he is very cute, all 4 feet are on the ground but dont like to be picked up. I can understand that, so I am prepared to adapt anything that needs to be so for him.
So, any advice for introducing Peedoodle to that cat and how to help the cat adapt? He doesnt have a name yet. I guess I will need to think of one I like the name Fernando (hubby hates it LOL)

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The gal that owns this website is really nice and knowledgeable, she can help you.

living with deaf cats
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That is wonderful of you to consider adopting this cat!!! I hope it works out! keep us posted!!!
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HOW COOL!!!! My mother wanted a special needs cat, but there aren't any at the moment You ROCK!!
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The man who has the cat right now, emailed me last night and said that the cat was doing well, and that he should be ready for the new year. I cant wait! I have also joined deafcatsclub over at yahoo, so hopefully I will be prepared for him. All I need to do is think of a name for him. Any ideas?
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The man who owns the shelter that I have been in touch with emailed me today with a wonderful christmas present - the kitty that I will adopt started to eat today and is on the road to recovery. Soon we will be able to pick him up. His name is Snowflake, which is a lovely name!
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How about Edison? Named after the man who invented the first american sign language as he was deaf himself. Thomas Alva Edison.
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Thomas Edison was deaf???? That is news to me!
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