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Still need help, home form vet...

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I posted a message yesterday, help help help...

I did get Pharaoh to the vet, that is his new name. .
He was neutered and vaccinated, got revolution because he has bad ear mites and now he is home. I put him in a very large crate, big enough for a Great Dane, I think it is the biggest they make and he is "Going all popcorn" again. He is bouncing off of every surface in the crate, the litter is all out on the bottom of the crate and he is still going nuts off and on, as soon as he catches his breath he is off again. I have it covered and he is in a room by himself where it is quiet. I am so afraid he is going to hurt himself! He was just neutered! Should he be in a smaller crate? I have several sizes.


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Do you have a box or something like that inside the crate where he can go to hide?
That may help to calm him down.

ETA: Also, if you have any Feliway, either plug-in or the spray, using that in or near the cage may help. Another thing to try is Rescue Remedy or Good Cat! or something along those lines. They are all essences to calm the cat down.
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Hey, Sorry so long.
I ended up practically sleeping with him last night. I spent most of the night either half laying in his crate and talking to him and petting him, which he is really stating to like as long as I approach slowly, or I just sat outside and talking to him after my body started objecting to the strange positions. Funny, when I leave is when he freaks out and completely reorganizes his crate. I had the litter box in the back and a cat bed in the front and one on the side so he could choose, Instead the beds were flipped over, the litter box was upside down and in the front and he pulled the fabric that I covered the crate with into the crate and slept on that. Luckily his water and food bowls are the ones that attach to the side and the metal bowls lift out otherwise it could have really been a mess.

He let me pick him up just to move him to the bed I emptied the litter out of and was OK while I cleaned the bottom of the crate out. Since the litter was on the bottom of the crate that is where he went instead of in the box.
Anyway, I think I am going to go get a couple of hours of sleep in my bed Then I am going to go and get some feliway as you suggested
I am going to get the feliway. I think I have some rescue remedy somewhere, how much should I give?

Thanks for all of your help
I love your cat page, how many do you have?
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there should be a dosage on the bottle for the rescue remedy - you can just put some in his water, that would probably be the easiest thing. glad to hear he's doing better!
BTW - spray his cloth items with your feliway spray, then let it dry & replace them in his crate. also, you might look into the Cat Attract litter for him, since he's used to going outside - might help him realize what the box is for!
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I have 19 total that I care for which includes 14 inside/outside in my house, 2 inside/outisde in MIL's house and 2 that stay outside.

Besides the Feliway, I recall that hissy used to always advise wearing a shirt you can spare and working up a good sweat in it. Then put it in the crate with Pharaoh since he is comforted by your presence. This has often been suggested for when you have to leave your fur kid at a vet, etc., but should also help Pharoh when you can't be in the room with him.

It sounds like you have become "mom" and his best calming influence. Given time I think the two of you are going to do fine with a very special bond built.
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