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Introducing: Tiny!

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Tiny is a male DSH tabby cat, a stray brought to my house by some neighborhood kids. Unfortunately, my landlord will kick me out if I get a cat, so either he needs a home, or he needs to find his way back to his own home. He's the on mentioned in this thread:

Tiny Needs Your Help!

Also, he's cute. Very cute. And he's come out of his shell--he's still nervous, but he actively seeks out my attention, follows me around, purrs and headbutts me... Either someone has lost a wonderful cat, or someone will have to adopt a wonderful cat, because I simply cannot let such a beautiful, charming little boy go to the pound.

Getting a tan in the light from the window... notice the cute curled paws!

Gotta get that camera strap!

Come on, stop taking pictures of me and scratch my ears some more!


Well, if I can't sit on her lap, then I'll snuggle her feet!

Ah, this is more like it... why aren't you scritching me!?!
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He is a handsome young lad! Hope he finds a good home soon
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how could someone not give tiny a good home,
such a cute boy.
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What a sweet, handsome boy!
Sending lots of vibes that someone opens their heart and home to him.
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I hope he finds a good home he sounds like a sweety
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Awww, the cute little thing, have you put flyers up about him??
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I will. It's Saturday today; yesterday I went around the neighborhood and asked around, hoping I'd find his owner that way, and didn't think of fliers. Unfortunately, today and tomorrow, the library isn't open; and I think it's the only place within bike range (I don't have a car) where printing and copying a flier would be possible.

So Monday, I'm going to the library and using their printer and copier; fifty fliers should do it--he's such a small cat; he couldn't have gotten very far from home.
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He's gorgeous... I hope you find him a home soon...
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What a sweet, lovely boy! I hope you find his home -- either the one he's missing from, or the one that's waiting for him -- very soon.
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What a sweetie! He looks and sounds like a friendly sociable cat so I`m hoping someone lost him and he wasn`t just thrown out.

Your an angel for taking care of him
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