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Not Urgent but help please!!!

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A year ago my friend found a kitten in a dumpster near my little sister's school and brought it home . The kitten was almost dead and was very weak and had barely any fat or "meat" on its ribs or stomach area. The bottle fed her and finally got her on normal kitten food after 2 weeks . They needed a home for the little one and We took it in , but now a bit over a year later she's still very small and looks like she is 6months old. She eats like a little pig and is one of the best cats I have ever had in my 17yrs of having cats ( im 17yrs old and have had cats all my life). I'm also worried cause she isnt growing and gaining weight and she has a problem with her back right hind leg , cause she can run with it but she limps. The leg hurts her when its touched and I was recently told to bring her to the vet but im scared it maybe more then just from her kittenhood( get it childhood kittenhood lol ... ok sorry) . Anyways either way im to poor to bring her in can anyone help me please.
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best idea is to get a vet to check her. They can tell you the reason shes not gaining, and why her leg is hurting
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Now i feel like crap cause i cant afford to bring her in at the moment .... T-T by the way for anyone that wants to know her name is " Little Angel'' but we just call her Angel ^-^
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I would try to get the money together for the vet or ask a parent to help, but she really should see the vet. Cats are great at not showing pain so she could well be in a lot of pain. There are also some vets that will work out a pay plan for you. Maybe they would let you work off the money by helping out if they have chores for a volunteer.
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Unfortunately hon, you need to take Angel to the vet. No one here is going to be able to diagnose her. As for her weight gain, or lack of, she could just be a small cat. My Little One didn't start filling out until well into her 2nd yr. She was a scrawning little thing, they all of a sudden she was huge! But, the leg worries me. If it is sore to the touch and she is limping, she needs to been seen. Call the vet, explain the situation and see if you can set up a payment plan. Could your parents help with the bill? Good luck, and let us know how she is doing.
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my moms in a disability pention and im working 2 part time jobs over the summer.... and i dont get paid a whole lot... it costs 400$ to get a cat checked out and I think the limp is going away but if u pick her up and try and fld her leg up so shessitting in your arms she starts meowing .... and it sounds like shes in pain...
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Is she spayed? My roommate's cats were both not spayed when he moved in last November. Denebah has always been tiny even full grown and was very thin even while eating a lot. She ended up with Pyometra and had to have an emergency spay. She has since gained about 3 or 4 lbs I'd guess. She's a round little butterball pretty much. His other cat is also unspayed and is very slender and small boned. Just a thought as to your cat's size.
For the leg, it really is best to get into a vet. You can look for low cost clinics on the internet in your area. It doesn't have to cost $400 to get your cat checked out. An office visit here costs about $30-40. The vet would probably have to x-ray to see if there's anything broken or if she had a break and it healed wrong.
Call a vet and explain the situation. Ask them for a ballpark figure for the visit. If you know what it's going to cost, it will be easier to save up for it.

Best of luck!

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Devlyn is right, you should contact a low-cost clinic. Humane Societies and the ASPCA do these and many times they can work with you on a sliding scale based on your income level.

Mine only costs $30 for a visit.
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