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Packing & Unpacking is fun!

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You know, I really think they were trying to help!

Twitch helping me unpack

Twitch LOVES running water & my 2 Drinkwells are I turn on the faucet for her

Lily being a tramp, note her food plate under her bum

"I am NOT a tramp meowmy!!!"

Lookit that lil tongue
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Awww, look at that gorgeous shot of Twitch & the water!
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Those are adorable pics
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The picture of Twitch drinking from the faucet is soooo darn cute
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I think Twitch wants you to know the next time you go, shes going with you!

Look at Lily awwwwwwww Twitch too they are both just precious, Nat.
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poor poor lily, gee one of these days she is going to nibble on you for calling her names :P

Nice pic with twitch getting some water.
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Awwwwwwww Nat those are really sweet

Their pleased to see their mum back home safe and sound
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Twitch is soooo pretty!!!! I love the picture with her yelling at you about not being a tramp!!! How funny!
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Arrrrrrr soooooooo cute i love the first one in the suitcase do think that was a subtle hint not to go again
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Twitch is a beautiful cat. Even if she is making a funny face drinking from the tap...
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OMG..what silly, adorable babies!!!
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Twitch just wanted to make sure that you brought some of her fur with you on your trip!! Either that or she was telling you she wanted to go with you!

We travel enough that we don't pull out the suitcases until 30 minutes before we walk out the door. Ours hate suitcases because they know that when they see them, we are leaving them for a while.
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Twitch drinking that water is the most adorable shot!!!
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Awww Look at those gorgeous girls!
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